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Indicates the Doug and Carol episodes that I think are exceptional.


Doug: Craole, are you sure that you don't have a PKU card tucked away in that special stash of yours? Craole: Like..this? Doug: I could always count on you, even if you do prefer football players. Carole: You had your chance. Doug: I was young...I was a fool. Carole: Your still a fool.
( about Carole's overdose) Doug: Did you hear? Mark: Yeah, yaeh she's on her way...It's Never... Doug: How did this happen to her of all people?
Doug: Boy, she really did it, didn't she. Mark: Yeah, she did, Doug: She seemed o.k. today. Mark: Yeah, she seemed fine. Doug: She was making jokes...everything was great..she was fuuny...she wasjoking like always, she was funny. Mark: Get Some Coffee Doug.


Doug: Oh man, I think we may have just pulled that one out. Carol: Yes we did. Doug: That was like clockwork. Carol: I wish they were all like that. Doug: We haven't had a save like that in a long time. Carol: So smooth 7 minutes door to door. Doug: You anticipated every move, every beat. Carol: Yeah, Yeah (sarcastically). Doug: Yes, I mean it (placing his hands on her arms). Carol: Yeah. I do yeah...I do....I do (kissing him passionately). Doug: Carol, I'm sorry I shouldn't have done that. Carol: Agh.. You didn't do it alone.
Carol: Doug, John asked me to move back in with him, and I just thought that I should tell you that I told him I would. Doug: And did you decide this this afternoon? Carol: We've been talking about it for a while. Doug: But did you decide to tell him this afternoon? Or are you just telling me now? Carol: It dosn't matter Doug. Doug: What happened with us this afternoon, does that matter? Carol: What happened today was an accident. Doug: Um..Hmm There are NO accidents...Look it's great..I'm thrilled...It's great...Thanks for letting me know. (turns around, hurt) (Carol leaves the room. She stops outside the door and leans against the wall, closing her eyes with anguish)


Doug: Hey guys, what's the occasion? Carol: (to Doug) John Tagliari and I are getting married. Doug: (Giving Carol the sad eyes) That's great....Congratulations.
Linda: Do you think there's one perfect love. You know, like 'Sleepless in Seattle' someone under the stars. One perfect person for everybody? Carol: I don't know, why? Linda: Because for Doug, it's you.


Mark: ( To Doug) You OK? Doug: (re: Carol) Thought I was. Think about her all the time. Mark: You ever tell her that? Doug: No, no..... Mark: Why not? Doug: Because I was afraid. Mark: Afraid of what? She might say no? Doug: Afraid she might say yes. It's too late. Mark: She's not married yet>
Carol:(To Doug after he has arrived at her engagement party) Go home,Doug. Doug: I love you. Carol: You love the whole idea of me. Doug: And you love me. Carol: No, I don't, Doug: Yes, you do. Carol: No, I don't. You haven't changed, and the sad thing is you don't even know it. Doug: All right, I'll change. Carol: I'm not asking you to change. Doug: Carol, listen to me. Carol: I don't want to listen to you. I don't want you Doug Leave me alone!


Cute little scene, as Carol goes to comfort a fireman, Doug follows her with those "eyes". It seems as though he loose his breath by looking at her. This moment expresses Doug's feeling so much more that any dialog could.


Lydia: (re:Doug) He's unbelievable. Carol: You wonder why I slept with him on the first date. Lydia: Really? First date? Carol: Yeah, he rang the doorbell. The next thing I knew we were on the kitchen floor. Lydia: Kitchen floor? I gotta start dating again!


Carol: All those times my mother tried to teach me Russian. Doug: All those times your mother yelled at me in Russian. Carol: Yeah, well you deserved it.


Doug: What is it? Carol: I've lost her. I've been in theropy. I've worked hard for nine months, and it doesn't matter. All they care about is that I took some pills. Doug: Who? Carol: Mrs. Brown. Foster care. Doug: Tatinana? Carol: They won't let me have her. Doug: Oh, Carol. Carol: It's like I'm defective or something, you know. Doug: No, no, no. Carol:(crying) Oh,'s..I mean..God..I'm kidding myself, you know, that I could do this. I'm so stupid. Doug: You're ice cold. Carol: You should have seen her Doug. I mean, she's 7 years old. I tried to explain it to her. Doug: Carol, hey, listen to me. It's not your fault. You hear me, it's not your fault. Carol: But I promised her that I'd be there and now I'm not going to be there. Doug: How could you have known? Carol: Maybe..maybe I shouldn't have thought about doing this. Doug: No. You were exactly what she needed. Carol: You are the only person who thinks that. Doug: I know you. Carol: Can I stay here? Doug: Has Tag heard yet? Carol: He never wanted her. (She goes to kiss him, but he pulls back) Doug: Oh, Carol, no. Carol: Please. Doug: Hey.(Kisses her forehead)Why don't I drive you home.(Carol begins to cry)I know... Carol: Oh God.....


Susan: Hey Carol, Mark went home. Could you call Foster in tonight. Carol: He broke his leg skiing. Susan: Oh. How about Alonso? Carol: Doing ICU. How about Ross? Susan: Previous engagement. Carol: Oh. Susan: You care? Carol: Nope. Susan: Yes you do. Carol: No I don't. Susan: Diane Leeds. Carol: Really? The one with the kid?


Susan: Why do nurses wear colors and Doctors wear whites? Carol: Because Doctors are pure and good. Doug: Does that include me? Carol: No.


Mark: Does your lack of readiness have anything to do with Carol getting married next week? Doug: What's that supposed to mean? Mark: It might be liberating. Does your lack of readiness have anything to do with me making this shot? Doug: Yes..completely. Mark: OK if I make it your ready..if I don't, your not. (he misses)


Desk Clerk: Is there anyone who isn't going to this wedding? Doug: Just us....the sick, the lame, the uninvited. --- ( Doug enters the church and sees Carol sitting up front alone) Doug: You in one piece? Carol: Yeah, never been better. Doug: So I thought I was having a bad day....What's that? Carol: Oh, they went ahead with the reception...You know my family, what's a little humiliation when there's free food and drink.....What's wrong with me? Why can't I fall in love with a nice guy? Someone who loves me. Who want to be with me....Honest and decent. Doug: And boring. Carol: God he was dull...All that talk about fly fishing and bowling and his glory days playing football in college. Doug: (chuckeling) Bowling. Carol: Yeah.....I just want to be happy, and I'm so afraid I never will. Doug: You will....( looking at her and touching her hand) You will. Carol:( smiling between tears) --- Carol: (speech) Oh I'm sure all this is gonna hit me tomorrow. Maleik: Wait till you get the bar bill. Carol:No, that's going to Tag.........I don't know what to say. I don't know what the future holds, but I guess I'm just lucky to be alive and have so many good friends who care for me. It's been a wonderful year because of all of you. (beginning to cry). **** As the show closes, we see Doug gazing across the room at Carol while she dances. She returns the gaze with a big smile.*****
A huge thanks to Ina for these pictures.