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Split Second

(Carol and Doug are in the lounge, and Doug is massaging her neck) Carol: Oh God, yeah right there. Iwas so tense talking to admin. Doug: I guess you didn't need to be. Carol: No, I should of asked for two nurses. Doug: Are you gonna hire yourself? Carol: No, I'm the only volunteer I don't mind asking. Besides, it'll be fun to hire someone. Good for the clinc. Doug: There you go. Did I get it? Carol: Yeah (Smiling)

They Treat Horse, Don't They?

Doug:(Coming up behind Carol and putting his arms around her waist)..So I do this thing with scallops in a white wine sauce. Carol: Doug, what is this lunch about? Doug: Mmmm...all in good time. Carol: Why don't you just tell me. Your terrible at keeping secrets...Come on. Doug: No, No...I'm in complete control. Carol: Really? Doug: Mmmm-Hmmm. Carol: Well, could the new you see a kid in the clinc, he's got a parasite infection. Doug: In about 10 minutes, I got some paperwork. Carol: OK Doug: Is it bad? Carol: Well it might kill your interest in the scallops.

Vanishing Act