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Indicate the Doug and Carol episodes that I think are exceptional.


Carol: I'll be back by 6:00...Have you seen my gloves? Doug: I got an idea...Why don't we set a date? Carol: I gotta be at the clinc at 9, you wanna quit joking with me. Doug: I'm not joking. Carol: I'm half way out the door. You wanna talk about setting a date now? Doug: Your right, we got all the time in the world to do it....Oh Oh..What are these? Carol: What is up with you?..What is that? Doug: See, I just wanted to get a quick size here...Get you a rock that will knock your eye out. Carol: Doug, I don't need a ring. Doug: Sure you do...make it real. Carol: A ring doesn't make it real..It's real because we say it's real. Doug: Agh, now you do wanna marry, don't you? Carol: O course I want to marry you(kissing)...but I've already done the whole ring, and the setting the date...blah blah blah blah blah...that'snot what I want..I'm so happy right now..this is so perfect right now..Why can't we be just two people who are gonna get married? Doug: Cheap date. Carol: Uh huh.. ***** Carol: Ma, what are you doing here? Helen: Doug Ross came to see me this morning. Carol: What? Helen: To ask for your hand in marriage. Carol: What? Helen: He said he wanted my permission..he was very polite...Tell me this is a joke. Carol: It's not a joke Ma. Helen: How long have you been seeing him? Carol: 8 months. Helen: Oh, were you planning on telling me? Carol: When the time was right. Helen: So you intend to marry him. Carol: At some point, yes. Helen: At some point?...see, even you know this will never happen. Carol: Look Ma we will talk about this later OK..I have to get back to the clinc. Helen: I was there to take care of you the last time he broke your heart. Carol: He's not gonna break my heart. Helen: Men like him don't change. Carol: Ma, what did you say to him. Helen: I told him nothing..I came to see you. ***** (Carol on the phone) Carol: Doug pick up..Doug it's me..Hello..OK..Listen I don't know where the hell you are, but when you get this, you call me right away can run, but you cannot hide.. ***** Chuny: Carol, Doug Ross on 2. Carol: Doug...guess who stopped mom...yeah..what are you, on drugs?...No, I just would of liked to of told her myself..How do you think she's reacting?... ***** Carol: Thanks for coming in today. Doug: My pleasure...It's amazing what you've done here. Carol: Really. Doug: 5 shifts a week in a clinc, it makes a difference. Carol: I'm sorry I yelled at you on the phone...I'm actually glad you told my mom, it's a releif..I don't know what I was waiting for. Doug: The other shoe to drop. Carol: Dumb, huh. Doug: You off? Carol: I ahve to wait on a psyche may take a while. Doug:(whispering)I'll wait.


Carol: Whoo..Hey. I hope that not all your wearing. It's gotta be 10 below out there...What? Doug: How do you hide all of that hair into that hat? Must be the 8th wonder of the world. Carol: Yeah, well you laugh away of it Elvis...I can't beleive they give me the coldest day of the year to do my paramedic ride-along. Doug: I'm gonna go regrout the tub. Then I'm gonna watch daytime TV. Springer's doing a special on teens getting pregnant by transvesdites. Carol: Get outta here. Doug: Alright, Deerbourne and Clarke at 5:00. Carol: I wrote it down. You know I really hate surprises so I'd like for you to tell me what it is. Doug: I can't, cause I really love surprises. Carol: OK, then Deerbourne and Clarke at 5:00. Doug: OK..Hey. Carol: Hmm. Doug: Say it. Carol: Say what? Doug: You know, what I usually say first. Say it. Carol: I love you. Doug: Sounds good to me. ***** Doug: I've been waiting for you all night. Carol: I'm soory..I got wrapped up. I called, but you weren't home. Doug: I was at the corner of Deerbourne and Clarke. Carol: Right. Doug: I called the hospital, the firehouse, they both said unit 57 came back on time. Carol: Yeah, I was talking to Greg Powell. It was um, the paramedic on my ride-along. It was a really hard day for both of us...And um, it's just one of those things where you talk to someone you hardly even know and you start telling them things. Doug: Mmm..Talking to him all night. Carol: We got coffee then we talked. since then I've been walking. Doug: In this cold? Carol: I needed to think. Doug: About what? Carol: About you and me, the engagement, the vows, the rings, and uh,...I think we're rushing into this. I don't think we're ready. Doug: I'm ready. And you're not. Carol: When I was talking to Greg Powell, it got intense and um...I kissed him...It didn't go any further that that. Doug: Hmm. Mmm.. Carol: It was just one of those moment, you know. Doug: Hmm Mmm...Ok That's good...I just wanted to make sure you were safe and sound. Carol: Doug, I'm so sorry. Doug: Yep, me too. (Doug leaves, Carol cries.)


( After seeing Carol talkingto Greg Powell) Carol: Doug..(he ignores her)..Doug, come on.. Doug: Was that the guy? Carol: We were talking. He was upset. Another elderly rape victim came in, I was trying to calm him down. Doug: Was that the guy? Carol: Yes, that's the guy. I'm not seeing him or anything. Doug: Now, your not ready to commit, that's fine. You want to screw fireman, fine. Just don't humiliate me in front of my friends. Carol: Humiliate you?..What about the surgical tech in the on call room, or the peds nurse in the parking lot? Doug: Ancient history. Carol: How about the drug rep with the fake breasts ad the big hair. Doug: Ancient history. Carol: I'd have to do the entire Bulls line-up on the damn admit desk to even begin to be equal to you. Doug:Is this what this is?..Is this about getting even with me for things I did a long time ago? Carol: This is about me needing some time, and you being really pissed off that things aren't working out exactly as you planned. I've spent years, years of my life changing to fit your needs, working around your schedules, your insecurities, your inabilities to commit. You know what Doug? It's not all about you. I lnow that may come as a shock. But a relationship is give and take-two people as equals and right know I need something. So you can grow up and except it, or you can go and continue to be the same selfish self-centered bastard you've always been, and refuse to give me the one thing, the one thing I've never asked you for! ***** Carol: You fold it up, then you fold it over....Now you try.. (sees Doug at the door) Mother: Like that? Carol: Yeah, your doing graet. Doug: Looks like they're doing great. Carol: Yeah, then why is it so hard for us? Doug: I don't know?...I didn't mean to push....Take all the time you need...I'll wait. (Carol looks down and smiles, then begins to cry.)


Carol: Doug..I have an 8 year old with altered mental status, short of breath..Babysitter called 911. Doug: Uh Huh...I stopped by to see you this morning. Carol: I had an early morning meeting. Doug: Before 7:00? Carol: Are you monitoring me? Doug: I was just offering you a ride. ***** ( Doug and Carol are stuck in the elevator with Sophie. They are trying frantically to get her out before she dies.) Doug: Reach in..Get your body in here. Carol: Alright. Doug: Watch your knee..Go. Carol: I got it. Doug: Hang on! Carol: Doug! Doug: There's gotta be a latch here somewhere. Carol: Doug come down from there. What if it starts to move? Doug: Well then you won't have to worry about commitment. Carol: I'm serious Doug. ***** Doug: Carol..Hey...We should get pharmacy to restock the drug box. Carol: Sure. Doug: So, are you still mad at me about this morning? Carol: I was mad? Doug: You accused me of spying on you. Carol: I never said that. Doug: Well, that's what you meant. Carol: No, I was annoyed, you don't have to check up on me. Doug: I wasn't. I just wanted to see you last night. Carol: Me too. Doug: So, we shouldn't let that happen too often should we? Carol: Well, I actually think that we shouldn't let that happen at all, but... Doug: Here goes nothing.


Kerry: Shouldn't you be at the podium by now? Mark: Wait, you present today? Doug: Yeah. Carol: C'mon on Doug, let's go. Mark: Wait wait wait a minute. You use my computer all night, you don't tell me what is it, and the girlfriend get's to go? Carol: Well, he needs someone to hold his cue cards. Chuny: Can somebody see this colicky baby? The mother's driving me nuts. Doug: OOh I got that. Kerry: No no no no. I'll take it. I wouldn't want you to be late. Doug: Call me if you need a second opinion!(As Carol puuls him out by the arm.)


( Looking at blood on the floor) Doug: Reminds me of Carrie. The movie, not the attending. Carol: Funny.....Speaking of movies can we go to the 7:00? I don't think I'm gonna make it to the 9:20. Doug: I thought we were going tomorrow night. Carol: I thought we said tonight. why? Doug: Ah, well I just told Mark that we'd watch the Bulls game tonight. Carol: Oh well it's a good time to tell him your decision. Doug: No, we can, watch the game anytime. Carol: You know what, I think you should go see Mark. ***** Carol: I don't know what you two are doing, but i have plans this evening, so have fun. Mark: Together again. Doug: Chuckling... ***** Corday: You Carol, have something I really envy. Carol: What? Corday: A sex life. Anna: Cheers to that! Carol: I have no complaints in that department, I guess. Anna: Come on, you've got to give up more than that. Corday: Please please, let us live vicariously please. Carol: You want to hear about my sex life. Corday and Anna: YES. Carol: OK, What do you want to know.....(doorbell ring to interupt them)