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Indicates the Doug and Carol episodes that I think are exceptional.


Carol: Actually, it is a myth about doctors and nurses dating so much. I know more nurses who date cops, fireman, paramedics. (Doug comes from behind and cracks his neck) Doug: I'm sorry, I need a nurse in three. Carol: What? (sarcastically and smiling) Doug: Lucy you got some explaining to do. What's all this about cops and fireman? Carol: Huh, Jealous? Doug: Jealous, I just want to know what your doing for them that your not doing for me? Carol: Ooh, I'll tell you later if you bring the cuffs. Doug: I thought I was going to get some sleep tonight. Carol: Don't count on it.


Carol: Doug? (she looks around, then lies back when she doesn't see him. She seems disappointed) Doug: Ketchup or tabasco?..Scrambled eggs..You want something some people consider a vegtable, or you wanna to go with something a little more daring?..You thought I left, didn't you? Carol: No, I didn't. Doug: Yes you did. Carol: I really didn't..OK I did. But you did leave technically. Doug: That doesn't count. If you woke up a little earlier, you would of seen me here sound asleep. Carol: Well, some habits die hard, Doug: Like you sleeping in. carol: Like you not being there in the morning. Doug: Agh, that's an old habit. Carol: Wow. thank you. Doug: Mmm. OK. I have to talk to you about something. Carol: Oh, Doug not another serious conversation. Doug: You used to say we didn't communiacte... Carol: Well, now we're communicating a little too much. Doug: Can I have a drawer? Carol: What? Doug:A drawer...Something you keep your clothes in. Something that I can keep my clothes in. Carol: You never wanted a drawer before. Doug: Taht's because I always got up and left. Now that I am staying here...Can I just ahve one place to keep a new skirt, a nice pair of socs...underwear.. Carol: You can always wash your boxer in the sink, and they'll be dry by morning. Doug: (kissing Carol, and placing the breakfast tray to the side) Oh my.... ***** Carol: Are they closed? Doug: Closed. Carol: Keep them closed. Doug: I said they were closed. Carol:(placing the large gift on his lap) Open it..They're very delicate Doug. Doug:(opens it) Now that's a drawer......You know what?..I love this drawer..Come here you.......Agh, you know what? I love sitting out here on the porch with you...It's something..Something... Carol: Something new. Doug: Something new...Nice drawer. ( They both have a chuckle, then they kiss)


Doug: Hey..Wait! Hold it..Hold it!( giving her her bag). Carol: Thanks. Doug: It's 5 minutes by car. Carol: 15 minutes by the "L". You're not enjoying this? Doug: No, Should I? Carol: Doug, it a secret romance. Isn't that what sells bad novels?,/blockquote> Doug: We shouldn't be a bad novel. Carol: That's my train. Doug: Oh yeah, get that. See you at work. ***** Corday: So you were about to tell me how to unwind or perhaps you'd like to show me. Thay's if your up to playing Virgil to mt dante. Doug: (Carol looks piercingly at Doug) Uh, um, nothing really comes to mind... Carol: I ahve a patient to see. Corday: Well if you think of a place, I'd like to invite you. Doug: Um, I'm involved with someone. Corday: Not a problem...Bring her along! ***** Doug: Carol, hey..I know what your thinking and your wrong. Carol: I'm busy. Doug: I'll just follow you around until we work this out. Carol: Why follow mw, why not follow her? Doug: If I didn't have to do this secrecy thing.... Carol: I think this secrecy thing works for you just fine. Doug: I didn't flirt with her. Carol: No, she just asked you out, because she likes the way you hold an ice pack. Doug: I told her that I was attached. I couldn't say who I was attached with..I couldn't say that Carol hathaway was my... Carol: I'm your what? Doug: Come here....I'm here with you and I wana be here with you because I want to be with you. I foyu don't trust me, this isn't gonna work out. Carol: I have a lot of things to do. Doug: I'll be at the "L". ***** ( Doug goes to the "L", but dosen't see her. He turn aroud looking sad, and begins to leave.) Carol: Doug. Doug: I have prepared a very elaborate arguement...Does this mean I don't need it? Carol: I already had an arguement with myself. Doug: I hope there was no name calling involved. Carol: No, it was very civil...You won. Doug: So..I do better when I'm not there. Carol: Yean...This time. Doug: So you trust me? Carol: yeah...This time. Doug: Hey you keeping score? Carol: Yeah....Your ahead. Doug: Im sorry..What?


Doug: Alright you ready? Carol: Yeah, I'm ready if you are. Doug: If I am. This was your idea....Hang on. Carol: Doug, I was kidding. I didn't think you would actually go out and rent equipment. Doug: You talked about this fantasy years ago. Carol: I did not....Did I? Doug: Actually I think you accused me of taping myself with various 20 year olds. Carol: Oh, that was harsh. Doug: Yeah. Carol: Was I right? Doug: No..You see all this stuff..I did it because I want to make you happy. Carol: Really!...You did all this for me? Doug: I'd do anything for you... (They kiss passionately)


Carol: I wish you'd wait and leave tomorrow. Doug: I just want to get on with it. Carol: least let me drive you to the airport. Doug: Nah, I'll just leave the car in parking and pick Mark up on the way. Carol: I'm glad he's going with you. Doug: Yeah, it's probally a good idea for him to get out of town for a while. Carol: I'm gonna miss you. Doug: (Doug looks down and grins, then looks at Carol in the eyes) I love you Carol. Carol: ( As Doug is already down the street) I love you too.......


(talking to Carol's answering machine) Doug: Hey Carol, It's Doug. I was just hoping to catch you before you went to work. We're here in Barstowe. We're still cleaning up and I was just thinking about you, and wishing you were here...I just miss ya..I just wish you were here (Mark walks in) So, I'll call you tomorrow, Bye. ( To Mark) Hey. Mark: Who was that? Doug: Somebody I've been seeing for the past couple of months. Mark: Couple of months, that sounds serious. Doug: Do you want any of these ties before I give them to good will? Mark: I only wear ties to work...So, is it anyone I know? Doug: (Avioding the question)Got a nice suit here. I got an Armani, I beleive it's double breasted. Mark: You don't want to tell me who it is. Doug: I had a set of clubs here somewhere. Mark: Why is it that you don't want to tell me who it is? Doug: Because I don't. Mark: It's not my ex-wife is it? Doug: No, it's not Jennifer. Mark: Cynthia, your not, are you? Doug: No, and neither should you. Mark: Genie..Chuni..Anna. Doug: Are you planning on naming everyone who works in the hospital? Mark: She dosn't work in the hospital? Doug: It's Carol. Mark: What? Doug: Carol Hathaway, your mouths open. ***** Mark: What are you think about Doug? Doug: Carol...I'm in love with her..I mean, I used to think I knew what love was. I cared about a lot of women, I just don't think I've ever really been in love...I think about her all the time...I don't like it when I'm not with her, I don't want to be with anyone else. That's love isn't it? Mark: Yeah..That's love. ***** Cute little scene toward the end of the show. Mark and Doug are arriving back at the hotel, and Doug sees Carol down the hall. He walks toward her, giving her that look with his head tilted downward to the side and his big brown eyes staring at her. They kiss and embrace, no words are spoken.


Mark: You know that meant a lot to Doug, you showing up like that. Carol: It meant a lot to me too. Mark: Oh, I almost forgot...I found this when I unpacked. Carol: CH? Mark: Yeah, Carol Hathaway. It's from DR. Carol: Did you read it?(laughing) Mark: No, but I was tempted. Carol: Ah, huh.


Chuni: I thought Doug was coming back today. Carol: Agh... he called..His car broke down..I mean here, he called here. ***** Carol: Hey Doug....( noticing a crowd around her) How are you? Doug:I'm gonna get to work on all these. I guess it's good to see all of you...(looking at Carol). ***** Mark: Hey Doug. doug: Hey. Mark: So, how was it meeting your father's in-laws. Doug: I'm glad I did it..But it was hard. Sherry's death hit 'em really bad. That was her name...Sherry. Mark: Listen, I'd like you to see a depressed anhedonic girl, complaining of loss of appetite and insomnia. Doug: Uh, huh. Mark: She's in exam room 3. Doug: Psyche take a look at her? Mark: I'd like you to evaluate her first. Malik: Good to see you Doc. Doug: I feel like I never left.....Hey (Doug enters the room,and find Carol in there) Carol: What? Doug: Mark Greene.......Come here you....So now you've had a loss of appetite and insomnia because of me? Carol: I'm surprised I lived. Doug: Sounds serious. Carol: Uh huh...Shut up and kiss me. Doug: OK.(kisses Carol) Cynthia: (interupting them) OOps. Excuse me. Doug: Uh huh. ( Cynthia leaves, and they continue to kiss passionately.)


Doug: Did you get tomorrow off? Carol: Not, yet..Did you get tonight off? Doug: No, I owe too many shifts, Christmas will cost me double. Carol: This is so unfair. Doug: Flex your muscles, you make the nurses schedule. Carol: Yeah, which is why I get stuck with it...carol can work Christmas she dosen't have a life. They don't even feel guilty about it. Doug: Make them feel guilty about it. Carol: Now thats the Christmas spirit. Doug: Tell them about us, this is stupid....I'm not going anywhere you know that. Carol: I know....(Doug walks away then turn around to look at her)..I know. ***** Carol: Guess who got tomorrow off? Doug: So, you didn't flex a little muscle did you? Carol: Well, I had to give up New Years, but I figured it was worth it. Doug: Oh no. Carol: What? Doug: I volunteered to work for Anna tomorrow. Carol: She's an intern... Doug: I thought maybe we'd spend more time together then. Carol: You didn't. Doug: No..I lied. That's a lie. Carol: Oh God. Doug: Would've been romantic though. Carol: Well yeah.... Doug: Your looking at me.. Carol: Come here. ***** Carol: Can I have your attention everybody? can I have your attention please? I have an announcement to make. can you turn down that music...OK, I kept this secret too long..Doug Ross and I are seeing each other again...and we're very happy. Maleik: Yeah? Conni: Ok pay up, pay up. Chuni: I was a week too late, I thought New Years for sure. Lydia: Yeah, I'm surprised they kept it a secret this long. Carol: You knew? Desk Lady: Please honey, it was obvious. Kerry: I didn't know. Anna: Neither did I. Doug: Well maybe something that you guys didn't know uh...that we've been seeing each other for a little while now, again, and I think it would be great if ahe were to marry me...and if you could talk her into it> Help me talk her into it. Chuni: To Doug and Carol. Get it right this time. Carter: Yeah..Hera hear..Hear hear. ***** Carol: You always have to outdo me, don't you? Doug: Well, I had the opportunity and I took it. Carter: Congratulations..I'm so happy for both of you. Doug: Thank you Dr. Carter. Carol: thank you.(Kissing each other) Doug: gonna stick around till I get off. Carol: Hell no.