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~Between Heaven & Earth~

WELCOME!! To my very colourful page! In this i guess you get to see the other side of me, not just the marijuana!!

I guess that alot of people are really wondering who i am.. if your in this page you could be curious or something.. Id like to start but telling you all that im in southern ontario, canada.. This small place is called Prince Edward County.. im 18yrs old, born 7/17/81. my hair is naturally dark brown, but i keep it blond/white. i have blue eyes, around 5'7" tall.. 125 lbs. I wear the fattest clothes, ie. baggy jeans & hoodies.. I like to listen to punk music, hip-hop, metal, alternative.. i dunno, anything modern..

some of my interests include drawing and painting, roller blading, skating, skipping school, four-wheeling,pot smoking, causing shit, and laughing my ass off with my friends, you know, the usual..
also i like animals. i have 2 dogs, a cat, a raccoon, a horse, & 4 turtles. Reptiles and Amphibians are my fav though.. other than my dogs Duke and Heidi.
well.. i think that i could drag on forever here.. but it takes up bud smoking time.. so if you guys have any ?'s or shit, just give me an email.. laterz..
~~Doobie Girl...

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