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For all Boys and Girls aged between 10.5 and 15 years old.
The Scout Troop meet every Monday night at 7pm to 9pm
at the Scout Hall at the end of Mason Street,Thirlmere.
The Troop enjoy a variety of activities every week. Rock
climbing, hiking, outdoor cooking, canoeing and Jamborees
with other Troops. In the Den they do their Cord work, badges
along with hobbies and games.

You are visitor to our Den.

THE SCOUT PROMISE ~ On my honour I promise that I will do my best To do my duty to my God, and To the Queen of Australia To help other people, and To live by the Scout Law.

The Scout handshake is with the left hand, the friendship hand.
The hand that carries no weapons.

Joining the local Community in celebrating The Steam Festival 1998.

Partaking in Community based Projects is a large part of any
Scout Troop. To visiting the sick, elderly, planting trees or
helping to clean the streets, a Scout is a major part.

World Scout Day at Mittagong 1998.

On the Dam Wall during the hike on World Scout Day 1998.

After the Commando Course 1998, of course we do not show our parents this one.

After showers, we still look good at South Coast Jamborette 1998.

Camping and self sufficiency is another skill that is learnt by being a
Scout. From pitching a tent to starting and cooking a meal on a open fire.
Survival in the bush, map and compass reading to how to cross a creek.

THE SCOUT LAW ~ A Scout is trustworthy. A Scout is loyal. A Scout is helpful. A Scout is friendly. A Scout is cheerful. A Scout is considerate. A Scout is thrifty. A Scout is courageous. A Scout is respectful. A Scout cares for the environment.

Do you like the look of the fanastic FUN that they have all enjoyed.

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