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Term Letter

1st Tahmoor Scout Group

24th February
Dear Parent,

I trust by now your child has settled into Cubs/Scouts again for
another year. All the Leaders give up a lot of their spare time
to ensure you child enjoys each weeks' activities.

As parents there are a few things you can do to help. Firstly by
offering to help the leaders with their weekly meetings, helping
with transport etc. for extra activities, or removing the rubbish
from the hall. If everyone helped in some way, it would make
things easier for all.

We, as parents, also have an obligation to maintain the hall,
grounds, and group finances so that everyone can enjoy our great
facilities. In order to do that, we need a committee, who meets
two months for less than 1 hour, to do the "housekeeping". We are
having our Annual General Meeting next Wednesday 1st March at
at the Scout Hall. We need to have lots parents present,
if we do not have a committee, the group has to close. Some of
the Office Bearers from last year are willing to stand again, so
please don't think you will be landed with a job you do not
want. Please come along. I would like you to feel more informed
about our group. Supper will follow. If you have cubs, we can
perhaps organise a car pool to take them home that night.

Our major fundraising each year is a barbecue stall we have at the
Thirlmere Steam Festival on Sunday 5th March. We need help to man
this. Please consider helping for an hour or two on that day.
Help required from 9am to 2pm. Our term fees do not cover the
costs of maintaining the hall, we have to do some fundraising each
year to do this. Our group also participates in the parade, just
after lunch on that day too.

I hope to see you at the AGM and Steam Festival.
Jenny Plummer, Group Leader 46819296

Items for Sale

Excerise Machine ~ Contact Jenny on 46819296 for details


The hall's kitchen is requiring the following items:-
several large saucepans, frypans, boilers or anything along those
lines with cooking utensils such as scapers, egg slicers etc.
All donations gratefully accepted.