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Hi Ya, you are the Explorer to the Den.

Cubs meet every Wednesday at 6.30pm to 8pm at the Scout Hall at the
end of Mason Street, Thirlmere.

For all Boys and Girls aged between 8 to 11 years old.

Once you are invested into Cub Scouts you belong to the World
Scouting Association. Boomerangs are a major part of any Cub.
It takes approxiately a year to do each Boomerang learning knots,
health, first aid, hikes, collections and community activities. At the
completion of achieving the Gold Boomerang, Cubs then try to attain
a Yellow Cord which is the Highest Award that a Cub can be awarded.
So naturally it is the one that the majority of Cubs strive for. It can
be worn in Scouts until you achieve the the first Cord which is the Red Cord.

The Yellow Cords Achievers with fellow Cubs.

Neville with Leaders.



The Cub Scout Salute is use as a reminder of your Promise:

  1. To do your duty to your god,
    and to the Queen of Australia
  2. To help other people
  3. To live by the Cub Scout Law

THE SCOUT PROMISE ~ On my honour I promise that I will do my best To do my duty to my God, and To the Queen of Australia To help other people, and To live by the Cub Scout Law.

Hikes and camps are every day fun for a Cub.

Cubs are allowed to go hiking, camping with the pack, with the
region or a large gathering called a Jamboree. At a Jamboree Cubs
come from all over NSW to meet, learn and to have fun. The Camps
and Jamboree is always based on a theme (Space, Sport, Nature etc).

Tahmoor Cubs that were winners at Regional Derby 1998.

The Leaders Race.

Do you want to know more, learn about sixes etc.