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Welcome the Official Salt Trash Website!

You might be Salt Trash if !

  • You like your woman/men a lil on the Salt Trashy Side.
  • You usually have to blow the fish scales off the top of your beer before you can drink it.
  • You have had more then 3 fishing citations.
  • The only time you renew your fishing license is to fish in a tournament.
  • You have worn Salerno Slippers to lunch.
  • You know what Salerno Slippers are.
  • Fowl weather gear is an extra pair of board shorts.
  • The only cover charge on your boat is bring your own life jacket.
  • If you have ever put a fish hook through your eyebrow (on purpose) and then gotten it ripped out with a cast net!! Thanks Anna for the idea & Jay for the eyebrow...
  • You call your boat Darlin' and call your wife Ole' Lady. Thanks again Anna
  • If you have ever painted your boat with spray-paint. TKS Rae
  • You have ever gotten into a Chum Ball fight. TKS Rae
  • Ever used a cinder block/rock/battery for an anchor. TKS Rae
  • You have tried to blow up ocean dwelling wildlife with fireworks. TKS Rae.
  • When you get your new shirts for X-mas that will be the last time they don't have bloodstains.
  • You sharpen your bridge gaft more then your filet knife.
  • You have jumped off a bridge you've been fishing from.