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Aythi-rah Frithaesil I Ven Zorn-eleer Hlien!

Welcome to Zorn-eleer Warren, a Watership Down RPG based off the book by Richard Adams. Feel free to look around, and if you have any questions feel free to e-mail me.


Zorn-eleer is a small warren on the edge of a wood with a small stream running along the eastern boundary established and governed by Primrose and Frithvaorah. It is an easygoing warren but the discipline can become quite strict if there is a need for it to be. It is not the most militaristic warren, but if a situation arises the rabbits are more than willing to fight, and their allies - Arkwood, Frith-Hain, and Stonehold - are not far off and ready to come to their aid. They accept everyone into the warren, whether rabbit or elil... Welcome to the warren!

About The Warren


This site is based off of Silverinle Warren.
Zorn-eleer is my first Watership Down RPG. I'd like to thank everyone, including Courtney, Kristin, Sailor Mars, and all the people who worked so hard both OOC and IC to make the site a success.

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