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WaRnInG! Written in nadsat

Zoey and Psymon

(I was going to put up a better story, but I decided not to. I might write another one . . .)
Psymon and I met snowboarding. It's strange. Usually he hates everyone. Not me though. Perhaps it was because I was the only other freek around. And surprisingly enough, he ended up with a crush on me. (Trust me, if you know Psymon like I do, this should make you beyond confused). So in his way of showing affection, he protected me, hated the people I hated, would practice jumps with me and we would work together on our skills (either alpine or BX), would always govoreet with me; and sure enough, it didn't take long for me to fall for him. I guess it was because I found his insanity so endearing (his anger was never directed at me, thankfully), or because I think that he is absolutely gorgeous. He was always such a sladky chelloveck with me. Then I finally let him take me to bed, and after that, I was hooked. I couldn't get enough of him.
Once the competition was over, we returned home. My pee and em knew that him and I were droogies - we had found that we lived near each other, just that we had never known before SSX, so we were able to hang out a lot. But I had got pregnant, probably from the first time we had lubbilubbied and unbestknown to anyone we snowboard with, we have a son (Ellis Dee), just over two years old now. So naturally my 'rents figured out that Psymon and I were sodding. My pee didn't care - he likes Psymon, but my em (a cheena of high-class and high-society) would not allow me to be with him or be viddied with him. It was too embarrassing for her. So Psymon and I made with the break-up (a fake odin) which worked real horrorshow, O my brothers.
My pee and em, having never had a son, love taking care of Ellis. I lived at my domy, with pee and em, but would always go off to snowboard around the world - and Psymon would always be there. Made with the pol we did. Odin horrorshow veshch about em and pee was that they allowed Ellis to know who his father was (even though mom hated him) and they would actually allow Psymon over at our domy when em wasn't around. Even she said that "the kid needs his father."
And so it went on like that for some raz. They thought that Psymon and I were just droogs and that Ellis would soon have a step-pee.
I was just booted from my domy by my em because she finally clued into mine and Psymon's horrorshow trick. She found out we were still fucking. So I was booted from the domy, but it didn't matter, because I was heading off to my old droogs domy and Psymon had just got his new apartment.
Fun had by all.