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Zoey Payne

Full Name: Zoe (Zoey) "Royale" Payne

Age: 20

Height: 6'

Weight: 237lbs

Eye colour: Blue-green

Dress: Black pants, generally leather; bowler hat; fake eyelashes on her right glazzie; cane; tight black shirts; white shirt, open. (That's when she is out 'n about, commiting the ultra-violence).

Favourite color(s): Black, turquoise, (fresh) blood red.

Favourite food(s): Sushi, rice, pizza.

Favourite movie: Leon: The Professional

Favourite book: Homeland

Favourite song: Sweet Child of Mine

Occupation: pro. snowboarder, musician, priestess

Religion: De'emeism. If absolutely strapped for religious institute or in desprate need of the gods, a Catholic church is alright.


Weapon(s): Britva, oozy, herself; can use almost anything as a weapon.

Main Adversary: anyone that doesn't like her

Abode: apartment with pee and em, or around the world, or Alex's or Psymon's.

Distinguishing marks: covered in tattoos, most of her ink done in Japan. Some others are just normal tatoos. Two tongue piercings and frendulum piercing. They can't be ripped out in a fight.

Brief History: Snowboarding since childhood, Zoey got into the punk scene on her own, which is where her attitude and look comes from. But, as her pee and em riased her to be a strong nadsat, she mixes her more normal, contemporary life with her outgoing one. She is her parents only child so is both their malchick and devotchka. She is rough, tough and can be very very mean. Having been arrested two times, she is the apple of her fathers eye, as he had his own shaika when he was a nadsat and hoped that his son would follow - this fell to Zoey and she hasn't let her father down yet.