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Psymon Stark

Full Name: "Sketchy" Psymon Stark

Age: 26

Height: 6' 3" (including hair 6'6" approx.)

Weight: 275lbs

Eye colour: Hazel

Dress: Freeky clothes. Favorite outfit he and Zoe lovingly call "Konvict". You get the picture.

Favourite colour(s): Red, black.

Favourite food(s): deep fried candy bars with raspberry jelly. Loves dessert.

Favourite movie: Silence of the Lambs

Favourite book: Tattoo

Favourite song: Firestarter

Occupation: pro. snowboarder, construction worker

Religion: agnostic de'emic

Gang: Himself, Zoey, any of her droogs

Weapon(s): Himself, nozh

Main Adversary: Everyone except Zoe and her close droogies. Anyone who bothers them.

Abode: apartment

Distinguishing Marks: Tattoos, peircings, the hair - gotta love the hair, some scars.

Anything else?: "Sketchy" Psymon is a fearless but erratic snowboarder with the ability to unnerve every one of his opponents. He knows that people are uncomfortable around him, and uses this to his advantage. No matter how hard it's snowing or how cold it is on race day, Psymon won't wear goggles or a jacket. He perpetuates the mythology around his accident (he jumped a huge gap on a mountain bike and landed on some power lines, blacking out the entire Okanagan Valley) with his erratic behaviour on and off the SSX track.
He is also insane. This is proven with such lines as "whoops, there goes my mind again," or "french toast and syrup" (dont ask). There are others and he is also always ready to fist someone's litso in. He also govoreets with (note WITH not TO) a tattoo of a buddy who snuffed it awhile ago. This will sometimes lead to bouts of manical smecking as well as jumping around and twitching.
Do not piss him off.