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In case you're wondering what this is all about, well, I'll start off by saying that Zero Dragon really does not exist, at least not in the real world along with the marketing and air-time or stuff like that. It is one of the original fictions I have been working on for quite some time now. Of course, I have always hoped that someday this will be published on a real book, or better yet be a popular video game or a well-received animated series. Unfortunately, I was born a simple man with a simple life that I don't have enough money or an animation company to get this published or brought to life. But don't take me wrong, I don't feel so sorry about that. At least, I was gifted by an imagination where I can make a world vaster than any contained anime series can have. If you're a writer too, I know you know what I'm trying to say.



Frequently Asked Questions :

What is ZERO DRAGON all about?>>> Zero Dragon centers its plot on an eighteen-year old mercenary named Zero Blade. Zero is a member of the Nemethia Mercenaries, a band of reliable "free" soldiers who are willing to do tasks for a price. He lives in a world called Gaia Sphere - a world where mystical beings roam and where magical items called dragon artifacts exist. These artifacts enable the user (called a 'caretaker') to summon the dragon dwelling inside it. Because of their tremendous power, they became the cause of chaos in the small planet. Many people inhabiting the three continents of this world, namely the Continent of Eiles, Menides, and Lystima, tried to claim these dragon artifacts in the possible ways they can - even if it costs them their self-righteousness.

One of these artifacts is distinctly powerful - the Death Dragon Blade, which initially belonged to the Kingdom of Rourke (in Lystima). However, no one in the kingdom has ever wielded or even touched the sword because only the rightful caretaker, called the "dragon child" can use it. This sword accidentally falls on Zero's hand, and by it changed his life. A great threat rattled Gaia Sphere - a war about to come - and it is because of him and the Death Dragon Blade. With the help of allies he will meet on his journey, his quest is to retrieve all dragon artifacts, put them in place on a shrine called the "defense circle", and most importantly, know what he exists for.

Who are they? Zero's allies, I mean.>>> In Episode 1, Zero will meet two of the most important characters in the story. One of them is Prince Mignard le Dhor, the heir to the throne of the Kingdom of Dhor - the prince burdened with expectations and perfection. He just wanted to be himself. The next is Lady Knight Lineah Air, the mysterious head of the Dhor Army who speaks about nothing but duty and responsibility. Is there something beneath her cold armor and heart? Besides Mignard and Lineah, Zero will also meet a high priestess of wisdom, a black sorceress who once condemned her magical abilities, a mislead bandit, a man of the sea, a clumsy wanderer with an odd-looking parrot who claims that he's not really a parrot but something else, a fellow mercenary obsessed with women, a sharp-shooting hunter who just wanted real friends, the next Grand Genius, a bar-tender, and an ice-goddess sealed in a glacier for centuries, along the way. Together, they will stop the evil force bringing Gaia Sphere's incoming annihilation. 

Exactly how many dragon artifacts are there?>>> A lot. Read the story and find out

Reading two stories at a time? >>> Exactly. Reading Zero Dragon would be like reading two stories at a time. Why? Because Zero Dragon has another book within it - namely the Dragon Text: a dragon artifact that tells the tale of the Dragon War, the story of how the dragon artifacts came about. (The narration of the Dragon War will start on Episode 9, but it is necessary to read the first eight chapters to follow the plot well.)

Dragon summoning sounds rather 'evil'. What about that?>>> To explain, I am a very religious Roman Catholic - a Christian, that is. I have nothing, absolutely nothing against the Christian beliefs. The dragon summoning "chants" in Zero Dragon may sound creepy, evil, whatever you call it, but I made the concept to make the act more dramatic rather than by just shouting "I choose you" like Pokemons. Everything in Zero Dragon is fictional - the characters, places, plot, all of them are just made up by me. If there are scenes or situations that may bring about these unexpected conflicts, I ask forgiveness for them and feel free to notify me about them. I'll be more than happy to hear your comments. 

Why call Zero Dragon an RPG-Novel?>>> Zero Dragon is really a novel. I'm not yet finished with it so it seems short. But just to inform you, I have planned the whole plot from beginning to end and I believe it will take more than 30 episodes (with approximately 15,000 words each) before it comes to ~fin~. Why RPG then? My original plan was to be able to make the novel seem like a real video game, where characters get to buy their equipments and items making their stats better than the latter. These "inserts" make the novel sound not only like a movie or an anime series but a role-playing video game.

How exactly do the dragons look like?>>> You may find yourself confused over what dragons I am referring to. For instance, in Episode 1, I introduced the dragons as those huge reptiles that storms out of the magical dragon artifacts. Then in Episode 2 - Zeon and Lexus in their human features plus the dragon wings which unfold behind them. To clarify things, there are actually two types of dragons in Zero Dragon: First is the dragon summoned and the second is the dragon summoner. In the first few episodes, you will meet several characters like Rennus Slade who can transform into 'semi-dragons', if you may call it. He falls under the second category. If we refer to Vandal, Lumina, or Medina however, they fall under the first. The picture on the left is how the dragons that are summoned look like. If you want to see how a semi-dragon looks like, you may click the images link to view Vandal's semi-dragon form.

In Episode 10, who was the one that Zero kissed? Mondragona or Zilra? >>> That was Mondragona. She made Zilra clone her so that she can make her way out of the castle without being noticed.

Can you make a graph or outline of the characters with their respective dragon artifacts and counterparts? There are so many dragons and artifacts that I'm rather confused >>> If I did that, it would be a major spoiler of the story, most especially for main characters and those soon-to-come ones. But if you insist, here are the ones who already appeared in the story. The blocks with ? are those about to come

Dragon Dragon Artifact Caretaker Dragon Name






Dragonís Rage Gauntlet




Dragon Cloning Mirror








Death Dragon Blade




Dragonís Providence Shield








Dragon Elemental Pendant




Fire Dragon Orb







Forge Forge Dragon Hammer Walter Venha
Harvest Harvest Dragon Scythe Olwich Ilcyene










Blaze Dragon Dagger




Soul Stealer Dragon  Boomerang

Cancel / Raven



Resonance Dragon Whistle








Sacred Dragon Ring








Sleep Dragon Harp




Sorcery Dragon Staff




Rock Dragon Bow




Dragon Binding Whip




Land Dragon Orb








Trance Dragon Core




Dragon Text




Astral Dragon Cards




Water Dragon Orb




Wind Dragon Orb



*Characters, names, etc. that appear above are still subject to change

Why in the world is Lineah acting like a bitch? >>> Well, maybe she enjoys being a bitch that's why... (sigh, is that an acceptable answer for now? Read the next episodes and you'll know the reason why.)

Why is Lineah concealing her face? Is there something wrong with her physical appearance or is she trying to hide from someone?>>> That is one of the biggest mysteries in ZD. I cannot answer that yet, sorry.

Lineah's 32 years old! How will Mignard and her be... you know... >>> Let me ask you -- Do you believe she's 32?

I don't understand the Dragon Text! It's so complicated! >>> I'd expect you will say something like that. FYI, I really wrote that as complicated as I can. Don't panic, however. That's the purpose of Yuri in the story. He's going to be the one to explain the Dragon Text by detail. Just remember to pay attention to him or Nenchas will burn you into crisps! (grins...)

Is Rycroft and Castillano one person? >>> Yes. And Castillano's not the last "reincarnation" of Rycroft yet. It'll surely drive Mondragona mad, my dear reader.

Why is Mignard having those weird dreams? >>> Let's just say 'something' and 'someone' are causing them.

Rating? >>> This fiction is rated PG-13 for its complicated story line, lots of battles, bloodshed, some sexual scenes, and dragon summoning which may not be suitable for young kids.

How long is this going to be? >>> I'm at approximately 200 pages, on-going and running for about a thousand more to go... 30+ episodes I guess. The Dragon War's going to be really long and I can't just remove it because it is essential to read it for you to understand the story.

Do you have a girlfriend? >>> (evil grin...) Sorry, I'm taken. Yup, I have one.

Can you be my Friendster? >>> Err... I don't do I'm too shy to put my profile in full public view!

 Can we send you feedbacks?>>> Of course, you can. I enjoy reading feedbacks as much as I enjoy writing my story. Your opinions serve as my driving force to write my story in the best possible way I can. However, I'm sorry to say that I cannot accept suggestions regarding events that should happen to my story. It's not that I'm being selfish and all that, but I wanted to write this story according to my point of view. Being the author, I hold the right to control the story - including who's who, what's about to happen, where they are about to happen, and when they will happen. Thank you for your understanding. 

Thanks to my reviewers and some people to whom I dedicate this fiction. Without them, Zero Dragon won't be possible [most of them from]>>> Thanks to God for giving me my ability to imagine, my parents - Jose Miguel Larucea (love you Dad, wherever you are may you rest in peace) and Chu Min "Serrie" Sun, my best-friend-smoking-buddy brother Vi, Meia - my little angel, of course. I love you very much. We have Ken, my buddy since I stepped in BU. And of course, why would I fail to mention my reviewers, especially those who give very helpful criticism. I'd like to mention AAHB - thanks for the dragon sketches and also to Souzou-chan for the lyrics of the soundtrack of Zero Dragon. Also to Goddess of Night, for God-knows-how-many years have passed, she's still there to review ^_^. New reviewers who helped a lot and those others I failed to mention, you guys know who you are. God bless and take care.



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