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Rules about attacks: You can only hold 8 attacks in your characters stat page. You may trade one out for another anytime you please.

PL Detector: Enables the user to sense where the opponent is even if the user can't see them.- Level 15

Energy Flash: The user puts both wrists together directly in front of him/herself and charges up the attack. Eventually you will let off a huge blast of energy that is fast moving, and really destructive. - Level 20

Spirit Punch: A close range physical attack using a powerful ball of energy in the hand to raise the power of a punch. (come standard)

Spirit Kick: spirit Punch: A close range physical attack using a powerful ball of energy in the leg to raise the power of a kick. (come standard)

ShotGun: Very similar to the Spirit Gun, the Shotgun fires a spray of Spirit Gun bullets at once.

Spirit Wave Orb: concentrates the energy of the spirit and the body into the smallest possible space creating a power that could easily destroy an entire city -level-36

Spirit Gun - Spirit Gun channels his Spirit Energy into one small point on the index finger But the blast leaves u so drained of power and energy that he must learn to master this ability if he is to use the Spirit Gun more than once a day.(comes standard)

Spirit Wave - Instead of channeling spirit energy into one small point, the Spirit Wave uses a person’s entire body producing an attack that dwarfs the power released by the Spirit Gun.-level-40

Dragon of the Darkness Flame -most powerful attack,summons energy from the deepest pits of Spirit World into his arm to create a terrible dragon that destroys everything in its path. Once unleashed loses control of the beast…which sometimes turns on its master.-level-30(u need alt of training before useing this move..or u could die while useing this move)

Fist of the Mortal Flame - Similar to the Dragon of the Darkness Flame, the Fist of the Mortal Flame uses Mortal Energy instead of Spirit Energy rendering it much less potent.-levels-36(must know Dragon of the Darkness Flame)

more 2 come later !!!!!!!