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A charaset of my character, Leenad Yanbetari.

Hikaru, from Angelic Layer

Ashton, with and without Gyoro and Ururun from Star Ocean EX/Star Ocean 2

Tsukasa from .hack//SIGN.

Mimiru from .hack//SIGN.

RockmanEXE, also known as MegamanEXE from Megaman Battle Network.

A request, with 2 hairstyles.

Faye Valentinte. Heroine from Cowboy Bebop.

Meet Saphros Dycode, another request.

Orochi, the charaset.

A 2 part character riding a Chocobo.

2 Custom Chocobos, based on Final Fantasy 7 and Tactics.

A original charaset.

Matrix from the show Reboot.

Poses of a thief. Unsure of the original creator

An edit of an RTP character, and his hat.

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