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Power Negation: The hero's Powersv cease to function when the hero is within 20 feet of the stimulus. The hero's Primary Abilities are also affected; these drop -1CS per 10 turns until a minimum rank of Ty(6) is reached for all of them. If the hero is beyond the 20 foot limit but tries to use his Powers to affect the Stimulus, certain uses of Power automatically fail. Any Power that directly acts on a target cannot affect a Stimulus. Only Powers that indirectly affect the Stimulus succeed, such as using brute force to lob missiles at the Stimulus.

Incapacitation: The hero becomes physically ill after exposure to the Stimulus. Beginning with the initial contact, the hero loses 1 point of Health per turn. This loss continues for the Duration of the Effect. However, the loss stops when Health reaches 0; this Effect does not directly kill the hero. The hero retains his Powers but finds it harder to use them as his condition worsens.

Fatal: As in the above, the hero gets ill after the initial exposure to the Stimulus. However, the Health loss does not stop at 0. Death will eventually occur if Health and (subsequently) Endurance drop to 0 during the Weakness Duration. The hero can be revived if proper medical attention is given, but only after his Health and Endurance have both reached 0.