Vehicle Stats Definitions

Type: definition of the general purpose. A Blimp, the Concorde, and the Avengers Quinjet are all basically airborne craft, and so are classified as "air" types. Vehicles of the same Type are normally bound by the same general rules regarding control and damage.Cost: represented in the Cost column. It is often possible to buy a used (and therefore unreliable) version for -1CS less than listed (a used sedan costs Ex rather than Rm, and small countries can get their own used battleships for Mn cost).

The other 4 "Statistics" of a vehicle determine how well the vehicle performs under most situations.

Control: is a measure of how well the vehicle responds to moving in different directions and making sudden stops.

Speed: a note of the maximum safe speed of the vehicle.

Body: the amount of damage the vehicle can sustain before a chance exists of system failure (the vehicle breaks down).

Protection: represents the amount of equivalent Body Armor the vehicle provides for those within.