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Nature Conttrol

The caster can manipulate 1 of the 4 elemental materials (fire, water, earth, air) or the weather. In all cases, the spell rank functions as Strength. A caster with In(40) Strength can lift 10 tons; a caster with In(40) earth control can use his spell to manipulate up to 10 tons of mineral matter. The spell only affects existing elements within the area of effect; the caster cannot create elements.

Any Nature Control spell can be used an attack by forming columns of the elements which strike the target; the damage caused equals the spell rank number. A caster can manipulate the appropriate elements within the area effect, but they must be within sight. Affecting anything further away than 5 areas requires a successful yellow FEAT roll; a successful red FEAT roll is needed affect anything more than 10 areas away.

Only non-living, inanimate material can be manipulated. The player may pick the type of control his character will possess.

Air Control: By using this spell, the caster may create winds or a partial vacuum. Defensively, thrown objects and missile weapons are deflected (as if the caster was dodging) and all character's in the same area as the caster are protected. Offensively., this spell creates a whirlwind that functions as grappling attack. This spell can push objects around, using the spell rank as Strength.

Earth Control: This spell enables the caster to manipulate naturally occurring minerals or items consisting mostly minerals, such as concrete, pavement, refined metal, and glass. It does not include artificially manufactured devices, such as guns or plastic items.

Fire Control: The caster has the spell increase or decrease the intensity of an existing fire, or the temperature of an object, causing damage up to his spell rank number. The caster cannot, however, generate fire from his body.

Water Control: The caster can control the movement of water, creating whirlpools, water spouts, etc, Any boat or ship with Speed rank below the caster's spell rank can be stopped in the water.

Weather Control: This spell is a unique combination of all 4 elemental control spells. It allows the caster to manipulate the weather within his area of spell. Storms, rain, wind, and snow can be summoned. The temperature can be raised or lowered. Lightning bolts can be called down. Each weather effect requires a spell rank FEAT roll to succeed, and causes damage equal to the spell rank if used to attack someone. If the caster is knocked unconscious after controlling the weather, it will return to normal the following round, unless the caster is knocked unconscious during wildly violent weather (storm, tornado, blizzard, etc.), in which case the caster must make a spell rank FEAT roll; if successful, the violent weather abates, if unsuccessful, the weather goes wild.