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The hero can Psionically locate a chosen target. This differs from normal Tracking in that no physical or sensory contact, however tenuous, is required. Consequently, the Power is not hampered by the concealment, erasure, or absence of the target's "scent." Telelocation can operate over immense distances. The only factors that can hinder the Power are those that diminish any Psionic activity.

The range is determined by the Power rank. This represents a sphere centered on the hero; the quarry must be within it. The hero must have a stimulus to channel her Power toward a specific quarry. The nature of the stimulus determines the Power FEAT. A green FEAT requires contact with a part or possession of the quarry. A yellow FEAT requires the hero to have previous contact with the quarry. A red FEAT is required if the hero only has second-hand information about the quarry (and it had better be good).

Optional Powers include Clairvoyance (limited to already located quarries) and Extradimensional Detection (which automatically combines with this Power to extend its range into other dimensions).

The Nemesis is Mental Invisibility.

Range: Column D.