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Force Field

Force Fields are another common form of defense encountered in combat, and range from the personal (protects the user only) Force Fields used by Iron Man and Vindicator to the projected (protects user, others, or large areas) Force Fields of the Invisible Woman. Force Fields protect as Body Armor, but are effective against Energy attacks at the listed level, and are -10 against all other attacks. A Force Field takes the damage instead of the hero.

A Force Field can be overloaded by damage exceeding that of the Power rank, treating that Power rank as the material strength of the wall. What happens if the Force Field is overloaded depends on the type of Force Field.A character with Force Field and Body Armor may use 1 or the other against any attack, but not benefit from both at the same time. If a Force Field is projected by a 3rd party in front of the character with Body Armor, the Force Field takes damage and, if it collapses, full damage is inflicted on those within. In this case Body Armor is applicable to reducing damage.