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When this Power is first generated, it replaces all other Powers the hero might have other had. If a hero is clever, then no other Powers are needed. The basis for Nemesis is the ability to automatically analyze an opponent's Powers and Weakness. The hero then instantly generates a Power that can defeat the opponent. The newly created Power can be a +1CS version of the opponent's Power or is an opposing Power. The nature of the Nemesis Powers varies with each opponent. The only Power that a Nemesis cannot Generate is Power Control - Negation.

Analyzing an opponent takes 1 turn. Designing a suitable Power and infusing into the hero's body takes 2 turns. Switching opponents causes an additional delay of 7 turns, The opponent must be within 10' of the hero for analysis to occur; this can be extended to 100' if the opponent is the only superbeing in the area.

This Macro-Power's rank determines the maximum Power rank of a generated Power. When facing a foe of greater strength, the player must select a Power that can still prevail, despite the disparity.

Nemesis has 2 inherent weaknesses. The first is that the Macro-Power can only cope with a single opponent's Powers at 1 time. The second problem is that the Macro-Power is helpless against Powerless people. If there is no Power to overcome, then it cannot generate a Power. Because Nemesis possessing heroes tend to overly rely on their Macro-Power, they tend to be a little rusty when it comes to Fighting normal people. Decrease Fighting's rank -2CS for such cases.

Range: See Above.