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Modifying Armor

The player may, at some point in his hero's career, attempt to modify the hero's armor by adding new powers.

Note: Armor powers can be added, up to the maximum number that was determined at creation, by spending 3,000 Karm for each, plus 10 times the starting rank number for that power(this is also the formula by which robots can add powers).

Power advancement is done normally, by spending 10 points times the current rank plus 500 points for cresting from one rank to another.

A Reason FEAT roll should be called for, with the difficulty equal to the new rank, if an old power is being advanced to a new, higher rank or if a new power is set at its starting level. A Resource FEAT roll might also be needed to see if the hero has the cash to perform the modifications.

The Judge should make his own rulings on how to do the "total makeover" that's so popular with armored heroes, including such things as reseting Popularity to zero, upping appropriate powers and FASE abilities one rank, or adding new things. This should cost a great deal: about 10,000 Karma points, a high Resource FEAT roll(Am or better), and access to high-tech equipment or a high(In or better) Reason FEAT roll. (This is, of course, up to the individual Judge.) All other forms of advancement are performed normally.