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Forced Reincarnation

The hero can capture disembodied spirits and merge them into new bodies. The spirits can be the newly-dead, ghosts, or Free Spirits. The bodies can be anything---newborn infants, clones, androids, robots, animals, or plants. Because of the Power's interference, the reincarnated person retains his full memories and Mental Powers. The spirit is permanently bonded to the new body for as long as that body lives, unless the bond is deliberately broken by the spirit (a red Psyche FEAT) or by a hero with the Exorcism Power.

The hero can indefinitely hold the spirit in stasis (1 Ty Intensity FEAT per day should be sufficient) while seeking a suitable body into which he can transplant the soul. If the hero fails a FEAT, he has 10 turns in which to implant the spirit or lose it forever.

The hero cannot transplant the spirit into a living, intelligent being-with 2 notable exceptions. As noted earlier, spirits can be placed within newborn infants. The hero can also accept the spirit into himself; the result is the hero now has a complete second person living in his head. The player now has to redo his character sheet to reflect the secondary set of characteristics for Reason, Intuition, and Psyche.

When a character is reincarnated into a body, he retains his abilities of Reason, Intuition, and Psyche, and any Mental Talents and Powers. Physical abilities, secondary characteristics, Physical Powers and Talents, and Contacts are all lost. Contacts can be quickly regained by convincing the Contacts of who he really is (a Rm Intensity FEAT).

Karma awards should depend on how well the hero has handled the spiritual transplant. Just dumping the spirit into the first available body can actually cost Karma, while going to extraordinary lengths to find the perfect situation entitles the hero to a hefty bonus.

Range: Column A.