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Dimensional travel and adventures occur more in magical scenarios than anywhere else in the Marvel Universe(and/or beyond). The definition of a Marvel dimension is: a universe or realm containing space, matter, and energy which is separated from our own universe by some physical difference in the space, matter, and energy itself.

Dimensions are called by many names: planes, universes, realms, and worlds. Entities and beings entreated for Dimensional energy powers inhabit other dimensions. Magical heroes deal with other dimensions more than any other type of character, probably due to the fact that so much energy for magic is drawn from other dimensions. Sometimes whole adventures are centered on stopping an invasion from another dimension or pursuing someone or something in another dimension.

Other dimensions offer endless opportunities for adventure. Conditions and physical laws differ from dimension to dimension, from the Earth-like environment of Asgard to the bizarre surroundings of the Dark Dimension. If a Judge wants to set up a campaign where heroes fight copies of themselves, meet legendary heroes, or face a strange new menace, a different dimension is the perfect place to go.