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Ceremonies & Ceremonial Areas

In the Marvel Universe, when there is an opportunity to make reparations, a skilled magic wielder will use a ceremony to increase the effectiveness of his magic. A ceremony is a mystic ritual intended to enhance the effect of a magic wielder's spell. In addition, there are some spells that can be cast only as part of a ceremony.

The knowledge of how to conduct ceremonies and build ceremonial areas is part of every magic wielder's training and is taught by the character's master. If a character has no master, he must learn on his own how this is done.

Ceremonies: To conduct a ceremony, a sorcerer needs objects of mystical significance to reinforce his spell casting, collected under the proper conditions and arranged in a fashion suitable for the particular spell. The caster needs to prepare himself mentally and physically for the task.

In game terms, a character must spend a number of resource points equal to the spell rank number of the spell he is using. He pays this cost before the spell is cast and he must pay this cost regardless of whether or not the ceremony is successful.

Because of the time involved in preparations, a character can use only 1 ceremony per day.

Ceremonial Areas: A magic wielder can create a permanent ceremonial area. Once created, a ceremonial area greatly reduces the resource point cost of ceremonies cast within that area.

In game terms, a character must own a building or some land on which the ceremonial area will be located. The resource point cost for this building or land is separate from the cost for the ceremonial area itself.

To create the ceremonial area, the sorcerer must spend a number of resource points equal to 2 times his Psyche rank number. (For example, if the magic wielder's Psyche rank was Mn(75), he would spend 150 resource points.) Once the resources are spent, the ceremonial area will be complete in 1 month (the character is working on the area in addition to his other activities). On the day the area is complete, the character must cast the final spells needed to finish it (in game terms, this means that the character can perform no magic that day except to finish the ceremonial area).

Once the ceremonial area is complete, the resource cost of spells cast there is only 1/10 the spell rank number of the spell. Example: A Mn(75) ceremony(ritual) spell cast int the ceremonial area has a resource cost of 8(7.5 rounded up) points.

A character can create as many ceremonial areas as he can afford.