X-Men: In Future ... The Rules

X-Men: In Future
The Rules

A few simple rules for posting:

1. One parent MUST come from the Marvel Universe.

2. You may not kill or seriously injure another person's character without their permission unless they leave the game without exiting their characters, then its okay.

3. Storylines that involve major plots such as 2 characters being long-lost sisters, etc, must be discussed privately between the 2 players before the story emerges. Any plot involving more than two characters and is involved and major, must have mod permission. I will not be checking up, but be considerate. If I get complaints from 2 players that are valid, I will boot you.

4. Profanity and sex scenes are allowed, but be tasteful. Once you get to a certain point in the post be sure to label the post CONTENT, same goes for overly violent scenes.

5. All major plot arcs will be thought up by mods. If you have a really cool idea for a battle, etc, please email one of us. We are open to suggestion.

6. You cannot control another person's character beyond moving location without that player's permission.

7. Have Fun!

A few simple rules for character creation:
1. No all powerful characters. Where's the fun in that? If you do not have a weakness for your character, the mods will think of one for you.

2. Direct lineage is controlled by the player. In this I mean that if a character is the son of Cable, that player controls the son, Cable, Scott and Madelyne.

3. All characters must be accompanied by a bio and receive the approval of 3 out of 4 mods before posting. The bio must be sent to ALL the mods, NOT to the group before that character can start.

4. Furthermore, NO PLAYER will be approved to the group until their bio has been approved by 3 of the 4 mods. Sadly, recent abuses have caused this ruling to be created.

***These Rules are constantly updating as circumstances and the game changes. For the most up to date rules, go to the MSN site