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~"X-caliber, Come set us free, Shows us what we're meant to be, Forever faith, it's never gone, Sword to Sword the power flows on..."~

After seen how badly meta-humans (mutants) were treated a man called Arthur King decided it was time that they had a safe place to live. Converting his large old house had taken some time but eventualy it was ready, he had created a safehaven for young mutants to live and learn to control thier powers. Within weeks the first few started to arrive at this wounderful place. It was not long before the teenagers and adults alkie had setteled in and become a normal part of life in London even going to a local school.
Then things started getting worse and mutants were being blamed for more and more problems in society. Mutants not under King's instruction were destroying parts of London, totaly wreaking they lives of innocent citizens. Arthur King decided he and his band of mutants had to act, for the good of man kind.
Now dawning new uniforms and a 'gang' name of X-Calibre, they have become the first meta-human crome-fighting team in the United Kingdom.
This is where we must leave our tale, as the roleplay progresses more will be added. Please take time to look around at our Character Bio's, Diary entires and other stuff we feel is important.

~"Starfire burning, strike this blade, From this power, a sword was made, Held in truth, High & Strong, X-caliber right the wrong."~