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~"X-caliber, Come set us free, Shows us what we're meant to be, Forever faith, it's never gone, Sword to Sword the power flows on..."~

Welcome to our Character Biographies page. Above you'll find links to the girl's bios, the boy's bios and the adult's bios. Some characters have not completed character bios but I'll get them up as soon as thier done.


NAME: Arthur lucas King

NICKNAME: King Arthur

AGE: 45

HEIGHT: just over 6 foot

WEIGHT: 12 stone

HAIR: black (with flecks of grey) and a beard

EYES: brown

SUPER HUMAN ABILITIES: tacktile telkenisis grants him a near invenarble TK forcefeild... but only while concious and expecting an attack.

SKILLS: professor of meta-human biology and bio-enginering,

HISTORY: King has lived in london all his life, comming from a rich family, related to an earl of somwhere or other, and got a degree in Bio-Engineraing and Biology from London Metrapolitan university. he wnet on to lecture there befor setting up Excalibur bio-ware. this however never forfilled him... and, in a bold step devoted his family monies to turning his victorian home and labratories, into a city refuge for englands mutants...

PSHYCH PROFILE: in love with the mythos of camalot and King Arthur, and inspired by the work of Charles Xavier King finally seems happy as a surraget farther for his young charges... slow to anger and kind of face he makes for a loving farther figure, but obviously has dreams of creating a crime fighting force like Xaviers from his super human children.