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Riley MacKenzie Montana: Living A New Life

Riley Montana was thrilled to be playing host today. Having been seperated from her friends for quite a while, she was pleased to see that she and Allyson McMahon were gaining back the friendship that they had once had. Along with Allyson, Riley had mended a few fences with her old rival, Sasha Esposito and further extending her hand in friendship, had invited Sasha along with Allyson for the day. The ladies were going to enjoy a nice relaxing time all to themselves. Making sure they would recieve VIP treatment the entire time, Riley had ensured their privacy. Having a few snacks done up for them, she had the butler on standby as she greeted the ladies into her penthouse. They would be sitting by the roof pool and lounging around to soak up the sun. Once she had led them to the cabana, Riley gave their drink orders to the bar attendent at the bar. Smiling as the girls make their way over, Riley hands Sasha a chilled margarita before handing Allyson a bahama mama. Riley herself takes a frosted daquiri and holds it up.

Riley: To the start of a fresh new friendship, ~smiling at Sasha~ and to a day of relaxing.

Allyson: Here, here. ~laughs~

Sasha: No kids, no men, and no rules. God this day is gonna be great. ~laughs~

The girls share a laugh as they take a sip of their drinks. Riley points to some lounge chairs and they turn to snatch up a spot. Making sure they had each been given a relaxing chair with their own table to place their drinks and towels, Riley takes a seat and places her drink onto a table top. Grabbing up her tanning oil, she begins to oil up as Allyson and Sasha do the same.

Allyson: I can't thank you enough for this Riley. I've only been here five minutes and I feel relaxed. I think this drink is helping to melt away my guilt attacks for leaving the babies behind. ~laughs~

Sasha: Oh please. Wait til they reach Jordan and Austin's age. Then you can't get out of the house fast enough. ~laughs~ I'm kidding. I hate leaving the boys behind too but it's nice to get a little break in sometimes. Helps to keep Mommy sane and lets me enjoy my time with them more.

Riley: I know what you mean. Tony has Stella right now and I'm really glad they are spending time together. He just adores her completely. When he's working it's usually just me and Stella but when he's not busy he keeps her all day. So it's nice to get in some special time for just me. Don't you feel the same Allyson?

Allyson: Yeah, of course. Before it wasn't so hard. It was just me and my boys but since the girls came along, there's definitely more in the house. Having a newborn is hard but having two is even harder. But they are getting to a good age so it's not as tough as it was. Shane is a huge help but even he is getting in a nice break today. Lindsey and David took the kids for the day. David and Junior get along so well and Lindsey loves having little girls to dress up. She always buys them the cutest stuff.

Riley: Speaking of which, I have some stuff that Stella has out grown. I've been going over her stuff and sorting it so if you'd like to come over one day and look through them to see what you'd like for the girls, have at it. Whatever you don't take I'm just going to either keep or donate.

Allyson: Thank you, that's really sweet. I'd love to look through them. Stella has the cutest stuff. She's very pretty. Just the perfect mix of you and Tony. She'll break a few hearts.

Sasha: So long as it's not Austin or Jordan's. ~laughs~ Well if I had just one more boy we could set them all up. Course Austin will one day be a man and he wouldn't be above loving the fact that a set of twins were fighting over him. Those two are going to be double trouble. They're absolutely adorable Allyson.

Allyson: Well thank you very much.~smiles~ I'm rather biased to them myself. I have to admit, I always wanted a little girl but having a set of twins is even better. Especially when they are identical. God though, when that doctor told me I had two in there, I thought I was going to die. ~laughs~ It never crossed my mind that we'd ever have more than one at once. I knew Stephanie and Jennifer were twins but I guess it just never occured to me. But I wouldn't trade them for anything. Goodness knows I love little Paris and Libby.

Riley: Their names are so gorgeous. Paris and Liberty? I just love them. And the story behind it is really something special. I bet Shane spoils them something awful. Daddy's little girls. ~smiles~

Allyson: Of course. He wanted a mini me, and well, I'm an over achiever. I gave him two. ~laughs~ Nah, but he loves them. They're not even five months yet and he's completely wrapped around their little fingers. But I'm the same over Junior. Completely stupid when it comes to him. Kids are great and I've been blessed with three gorgeous and wonderful babies. But what parent isn't silly over their kids, right?

Riley: Stella can do no wrong in Tony's eyes. If she breaks something expensive, who cares. ~laughs~ His theory is that it can be replaced. He really suites having a daughter. Sasha, you should have one.

Sasha laughs as she walks over to Allyson. She has a seat on her lounger and turns her back to her, before handing her some tanning oil. Allyson takes it from her and begins to put it on Sasha's back.

Sasha: Let me find a husband first. The last thing I need is another surprise. Pierce gave me two of them and look how well that worked. He's gone and I'm raising two kids by myself. Don't get me wrong. I love my kids more than anything and I don't regret ever having them. But I would really love to find a good man to help out and be good to my kids.

Riley: You know, we've really gotta get you set up. You should come to the casino some night. Hang out with me and Tony. Or even just me and we'll find you somebody. All the high rollers hit here so you'd be finding yourself a rich man. Just say the word and we'll find you someone.

Sasha: The word! ~laughs~ I'd love to but it's just hard sometimes. No one wants a woman with two small kids. I mean sure there are some really decent men out there but I haven't found them yet.

Allyson: ~frowns and laughs~ Well that's me done for. I'll have to tell Shane he can never leave me cause no man would ever want me after three kids. ~laughs~ Sash, would you listen to yourself? It happens every single day. Just cause you have two amazing little boys doesn't mean you'll never get married. Those kids are special and any man would be lucky to have you and them in their lives. Now what have I told you? No beating yourself up or getting depressed over your situation. You only add to the problems that way. You can better deal with it with a clear and positive mind.

Sasha: I'll drop the depression if you not psycho analyze me. I hate it when you do that. It creeps me out. I don't want anyone delving that deep into my mind.

Allyson: God does and I assume you don't have a problem with that.

Sasha: That's different. He's allowed in there. Today is about relaxing and about you putting aside being a therapist. You do that too much. Now, I'm oiled up so let me do you and then it's time to kick back.

Allyson rolls her eyes and lets out a small sigh before smiling slightly. She hands the oil to Sasha who begins to rub Allyson down in the areas she couldn't reach herself. Riley laughs at the two as she takes a sip from her drink. A few moments later and Sasha is resting on her own lounge chair as Allyson does the same. Keeping her sunglasses on, she takes a sip of her own drink and places it back onto the table. Resting her hands above her head, she begins to soak up the sun.

Riley: It's so nice to have you guys here. When Tony takes Stella I'm usually on my own or trying to get some business done. I still oversee a few things but now that I'm helping you Allyson, I have more to do and I really like that.

Allyson: Well I really enjoy having you onboard. I could use all the help I can get. I really think that once this gets off the ground it's going to be really special. It's just getting things going that is going to take a lot of work. Somedays I wonder if I shouldn't have waited. It's important to me but I quit my job to spend time with my family. I still get loads more time at home than I did before but I still pencil in related appointments for the day. It's not exactly what I promised myself and Shane but he's very supportive. And if I'm completely honest with myself, it's something I should have done a long time ago. I feel like such a different person since I took this whole project on. I'm more focused and more sure of who I am and my goals. It's like this huge veil has been lifted and I'm just a completely changed person. And I see it as a good thing.

Riley: It is a good thing. Not that you weren't already a wonderful person but you seem more calmer and at ease. You aren't as shy as you used to be. Look at you. A year ago I couldn't have talked you into laying around in your bikini with just me and Sash. Now you're here, having a drink, and spilling out of that top! ~laughs~ You're a sexy bitch Allyson. It's about time you realized it.

Allyson: If I can thank my children for anything in life it's the cup size I went up each time I got pregnant. ~laughs~ And since the girls came along, it seems to be taking for good. Fingers crossed. I like em' and I wanna keep em'. ~laughs~ You only live once, right? What's the point in being a hermit. Besides, it comes in handy in other areas of life. I have a sex life to keep heated up and after three kids, how is that supposed to happen if I'm shy? I'm loving this new side to me. I hope Shane is too. Haven't heard any complaints though. ~laughs~

Sasha: I always knew there was a horny lil vixen in you Allyson. ~laughs~ I don't know what you have to be shy about though. Even when you are modest you have your fair share of interested people.

Riley: ~shocked~ What? Are you serious? Like who?

Allyson sighs and shoots Sasha a look. She sits up and takes another sip of her drink before leaning over and allowing her lounge chair to lay flat, rather than propping up her upper body. She then turns onto her stomach and lays down, supporting herself with her elbows and looking over at Riley.

Allyson: Sasha is referring to confused patients. She teases me all the time and I've walked her through this. You see, when you are in a position to help people and walk them through really difficult times in their life, they grow confused. They mistake that for you caring deeper for them than you think. And they are already vulnerable and their mind begins to play tricks on them. Which is why I've always had concerns about women therapists if say, Shane or someone were to go visit one. Non sense of course cause I trust my husband but I've been there and done that and not all therapists draw that line with their patients like I do. I let my patients know I care about them and when they occassionally become confused and think they have feelings for me and try to buy their way into my interest, I kindly tell them that I'm a happily married woman and that what they think they feel for me, they don't. Usually they see the light and if it ever got worse than that, I'd refer them elsewhere. I'm not going to let a patient get too confused and too interest. It's not worth my marriage.

Riley: Well I guess if you think about it, that's true. Tony Soprano screws his therapist. I guess I've never just sat and thought about things like that. So, dish. What's the craziest gift you've ever gotten from a patient? ~excited grin~

Allyson: ~laughs~ Well I don't remember. I don't keep up with that sort of thing. Sasha buzzes me when it does happen, we look it over, laugh it off and figure out what to do with whatever I was sent. It's been years though. I've gotten flowers before. Seems like my patients here have deeper pockets though. Back in North Carolina some older man wanted me to be his mistress and he was so cheap. I mean obviously the answer was no, I don't do that sort of thing but if you are gonna offer, do a good job of it. ~laughs~ It's crazy and like I said, it doesn't happen like it did. People know I'm happily married, have three gorgeous children, and I cut them off before they even think about going that far. Not to mention, it's not my job right now. I'm happy to be a wife and stay at home Mom. And the only man I have those kind of feelings for or an attraction to is my husband. No amount of money or no man in this world could change that.

Sasha: You suck. Must be nice to have Mr. Perfect for a husband, patients sending you gifts, and a figure that doesn't exactly scream "I just spat out two kids!" ~laughs~ I'm kidding sweetie. You know I love you. But come on girls, let's drop the kid talk, the husband talk, and the lack of anyone being a prospect for me in the near future talk. This is about forgetting about the hassles of life and just relaxing. We've gotta start doing this more.

Riley: I completely agree. We should make it a monthly thing. Just us girls. Who knows, maybe every other month we could bring the kids and let them play. If you ladies are up to it later though, I took the liberty of ordering us some massages. Thought it might help ease those tense muscles.

Allyson: Oh God, I love you! That sounds heavenly right about now. Catching sun is great though. I haven't laid out in ages. I'm usually outside playing with the kids but I don't usually sun bathe. Never have the time.

Sasha: What? You don't find time to prance around Shane in a little bikini? What's gotten into you? ~laughs~

Allyson: Oooh Sasha I could be so mean with the answer to that but I'll behave myself. ~laughs~ And I find time for plenty. Who knows, maybe I will find the time to go home and prance around him in this bikini. Sounds like a good reason to put the kids to bed early. Thanks for the great idea. I'll call you late tomorrow afternoon to thank you. ~winks~

Sasha: You're such a freaking pervert, I swear it. I know exactly where you were going with that. ~laughs~ Oh to have a sex life. I vaguely remember what that was like. I'll have to give him credit. Pierce was pretty damn good in the sack.

Riley: Believe it or not, Tony is too. Okay, so I've had better but we've been married a while now. He knows what I like and I sure as hell know what he likes.

Allyson: At the risk of being laughed at by Miss Cynical over there, I can safely say that Shane is the best sex I've ever had in my life. With Craig it was wham-bam-thank-ya-ma'm. But Shane takes his time and he knows what I love. He makes sure I'm a very happy young lady before he worries about himself.

Sasha: Leave it to you to get hold of the one man in the world that doesn't get off and go "Oh, you were done too, right?". How come I always end up with them?

Riley: You aren't alone Sasha. I've ran into quite a few of those myself. Tony has pulled that on me a few times as well. Don't get me wrong, I love him but he's a little older and I think he's nearing the end of things. I hear viagra calling.

The girls laugh as Allyson holds up her glass and motions for the bartender to fill her up again. He nods and sets to work on mixing her a new drink as she turns her attention back to their conversation.

Allyson: I always knew I was lucky in the bedroom but geez, I feel a lot luckier now. ~laughs~ I've had that too though Sasha. Craig didn't even have the courtesy to ask if I got off too. He did it, rolled off and went right to sleep. Course, even if he did do anything, I wouldn't have felt it. He uhh...well, let's just say Senator Wesley came up quite short between the legs. ~laughs~ But from my experience though, being married makes sex better. We had a great sex life before but it's like after we got married, we just knew we were in it for the long haul and we got even more comfier together. Not comfortable in a bad routinish way. But comfortable in a "we can try anything together" sorta way. It's amazing and Shane makes me scream out every single time. And ya know, I've picked up a few tricks along the way. I'd like to think I'm a pretty damn good lay. And well...there's this thing he's been wanting me to do forever and I've always been really shy about it. Well not just shy, but pregnant all the time. ~laughs~ So, I'm thinking the next time we have a weekend or even a night alone, I might pull out the stops and make his little fantasy come true. It's only fair. He does plenty enough for me and besides, I love seeing him get excited. Really works a girl up.

Sasha: Are we getting Miss Candid Allyson today or what? Damn, bring her more to drink. I'm loving this! ~laughs~ I always knew you two were into that kinky shit. What does he want you to do for him?

Allyson: Uhh I haven't had enough drinks for that. And I won't be. I have a family to go home to and I don't think they'd be too impressed if Daddy had to carry Mommy off to bed to sleep it off. ~laughs~ Besides, I got plans for this bikini. But Riley, you say Tony is headed for viagra? I'm guessing then that well, you know what they say about really important men and how...

Riley: They are over compensating for something? Semi-true in this case. ~laughs~ He's got the equipment. He just doesn't always have the power to back it up. Too bad cause he's Italian and damn he was so good a year or so ago. But I'm not really worried. I mean there are ways around it and we can still have a very healthy sex life. I guess our age gap is just showing in the bedroom right now, that's all. I'm at like this sexual peek and he's busy all the time.

Allyson: Oh God, tell me about it. I don't know what's gotten into me but ever since I had the girls, I can't keep my hands off Shane for five minutes. I've always been attracted to him and we've always had a great sex life and enjoyed oogling each other. But I dunno, it's like I'm in full sexual swing and I hope he's happy to keep up. ~laughs~ The second it's quiet in that house, if we aren't cuddled up, I'm raping the hell out of him.

Allyson smiles as the bartender grabs her empty glass and places a new one next to her. She thanks him as he heads off. She takes a sip from the straw and lays down onto the lounge chair.

Sasha: I'm beginning to think the days of having a dull marriage is over. Most people with kids and who have been married a while, are at a very dull time in life. I've noticed that quite a few of my married friends are having kick ass sex lives.

Allyson: Geez Sasha. I've been married two years, not twenty. And I only have three kids. Believe it or not, some husbands still find their wives attractive or even more attractive after they've had kids. My husband included. He always said the most sweetest stuff about when I was pregnant and he always wanted me more. And I understand it. I mean in a loving way, I love Shane even more now that he's a father. I look at him with Junior or with the girls and I just can't take my eyes off him. I love seeing him like that. With his kids. With our kids. It's the family we've always wanted and we have it. It just makes me fall in love with him all over again. And sexually, I love seeing him in that role. It just makes him more attractive to me. I can't really explain it but it's the truth. Wouldn't you say Riley?

Riley: Yes, I would. I know I've teased about Tony today but I don't mean it. I love him very much and seeing him with our baby, well it just makes me love him that much more. He's a wonderful father, a terrific husband, and a great person. I do desire him more now that we've had Stella and in fact....well, I think I might be pregnant again. God I really hope not though.

Allyson: Again? Well sweetie, that's not so bad. I mean Stella is how old? She's a year isn't she? Or is it just bad timing?

Riley: I'm not sure. I want more but this is a little bit of a shock. Not exactly planned but then again, neither was Stella. I haven't talked to Tony about it yet. I just want to make sure before I tell him. He'll be thrilled, I'm sure of it. But I wanted to spend more time with Stella.

Sasha: Allyson knows all about that. Junior was barely home from the hospital before she got pregnant with the girls.

Allyson: ~slightly annoyed~ You now Sash, sometimes you can be really sweet and other times you can be just plain cynical and rude. Junior was seven months old when I got pregnant with Paris and Liberty and it was a mutual decision. Shane and I knew we wanted more and the time was right. Granted, I sorta wish we had taken a little more time for it to be just us three, but we spend plenty of one-on-one time with our son. And you'll do the same with Stella if you find out you're pregnant. It'll be fine, you'll see.

Sasha: Sorry, I just meant that you could relate. It was more of an expression, not a way of insulting you. I'll lay my lame jokes to the side.

Allyson: Thank you, I appreciate it. Riley, why don't you take a pregnancy test?

Riley: ~biting her lip~ Well...would you girls be here with me? We could change and hit the store. Bring it back here and I could take it. I'd really like you around for it if that's okay.

Allyson: Of course sweetie. Whatever you need. We'll just clean up our mess here and hit the pharmacy. Although, does alcohol affect those things?

Sasha: Oh wow, didn't think of that. Well we can always call the doctors office or ask the pharmacist. We'll figure something out. Come on, let's get a move on.

The girls get up from their chairs and straighten up their messes. Allyson takes one final sip of her drink, as do Sasha and Riley. They then head off to slip back into their clothes before going to find Riley a pregnancy test. All the while Riley thanks them for their support and wonders what the outcome will be.