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The Night is young and the sun has just diasapeared over the horizen as Lost Soul and Malakite head out to the Capsule Corps Ship... The weather begins to look as if a strom is beginin to brew from within the heavans as Lost and Malakite board the ship and close the hatch... Lost walks over to the control panel and sets a course to Namek as Malakite waits in the training room of the ship...Lost finishes setting up all the controls as the ship blasts off towards Namek... Lost sighs and walks back towards the training room where Malakite waits for him... As Lost walks into the room he closes the hatch and stands there staring at Malakite...

DM Lost Soul: It is so nice of you to come with me my Brother... It's been a great while since we last Traveled together

Malakite: Yes, yes it has been along time. I can feel your power you have well exceeded your previous limitations; I am impressed. Say brother do you remeber our home world??

DM Lost Soul: Yes I remeber that damn Planet o so well it was hell there my brother that is why we destroyed it... I just hope to see our brother Xevran soon

Malakite: Yes he has been gone for a long time. I dont remeber seeing him since we left that accursed place

So brother what have you been up to for these past few years??

DM Lost Soul: Just searching for them damn dragon balls I already found the Dark Star Dragon Balls and the Earth Dragon Balls but other than that I've been training alot...

Malakite: I see. You have had a much better time than i have. I dont remeber the past few years. Someone captured me and locked me away is some type of stasis. I pray no one ever endures such torture; it was a cause of some of my insanity

Malakite laughs methodically and says

Malakite: well i have always been half a buble off plum this just made it worse. So brother do you wish to tell me of your twin?? i have noticed he is not here and i cannot snese him either.

DM Lost Soul: Well after that ever so bloody and gruesome day back on our home planet he told me he was going to go and seek out pleasure in other lifeforms and see what he could come up with...

Malakite: Pleasure?? surely you dont mean my dear brother

DM Lost Soul: Yes Pleasure... He was always seeking out them strange women from all different races and species to try to find which one he liked the most and well I guess he is still searching to this day...

Malakite: So My brother how strong are you now seeing you have trained all these's years or so you say???

DM Lost Soul: Well I am more power then the Great D our old ruler of our planet

Well My brother if you want to spar we will...

Malakite: WHAT!!!

I have no chance Lost

but lets have fun anyway

Malakite goes iunto his fighting stance waiting for lost souls first move

DM Lost Soul: Well alright...

Now for a little show...

You remeber the legend of the Super Saiyan right

Malakite: yeah it was told to all of us when were little kids.

YOU CAN'T BE!!!!!!!

DM Lost Soul: Well My brother this is what I like to Call Super Saiyan 1

Lost Soul screams as he powers up and turns into a Super Saiyan

Malakite: Very impressive. How have you done this??

DM Lost Soul: By training my body and mind... Now another show my brother...

This is what I like to call Super Saiyan 2

Lost Soul powers up and screams again as he transforms into Super Saiyan 2

Malakite: Brother your power is astounding.

Malakite decides to act fast with a quick volley of blows and a couple of em are pretty cheap to

Lost Soul takes all the attacks and laughs at Malakite

DM Lost Soul: Is that the best you can do come on now you hit like a girl

Malakite is stunned that all of his attacks were shrugged off like they were inscect bites

Malakite: sorry borther like i said i have been in a form of suspended animation and it has left me weakend for i have not trained for a few years.

Seeming somewhat startled by his failure from the attack, he see lost is somewhat shaken from his attack. Lost it seems you are still somewhat vulnerable, Malakite laughed.

Malakite drew out his sword and charged in on lost and sweeps the elgant blade across Losts body.

Malakite: was that any better brother??

hey lost i think i may be able to still surpirse u alittle bit.

But for now i await ur move

DM Lost Soul: So you await my next move huh Brother how about I show you my true power... The Reason why I am so much stronger than everyone else...

Malakite: let me see this power.

DM Lost Soul: This is what I would like to call Super Saiyan 4 sorry that I skipped 3 but oh well

Malakite: there is a four?? how is this possible


Malakite: malakite shouts too slow brother!

DM Lost Soul: Thought so


Malakite: well brother let me see i can do this whole super saiyan thing

what no borther

how can u be so fast!!

Walks over to Malakite and stands him on his feet

DM Lost Soul: Alright brother enough of this lets see if you can do the whole Super Saian thing

Malakite: Now that hurt like hell.

Malakite shakes his from side to side trying to get his bearing back.

Malakite: wow brother why did u hit me so hard.

i dont care if you are older man that stung.

So now brother what should i do first to try and turn into a super saiyan??

DM Lost Soul: think of what angurs you the most then let all the rage out

Malakite: ok brother i will try that.

Malakite thinks back to his home planet. He rememebers how his parents were killed by their king; a man who was supposed to protect them. Malakites eyes begin to fill with tears and lets loose the rage within his heart.

He screams out, if you could have only heard this scream you would think that hell itself had been unleashed upon this universe. Malakites hair began to stand on end. His muscles bulged out. A bright yellow aura surrounded him.

His eyes turned a greenish color and his hair flickered and then turned golden blonde. Malakite collaspsed to his knees in his new found form.

DM Lost Soul: Well good job my brother now you need your rest

Malakite: Yes brother i do...

Malakite collapsed from the shear exhaustion of his ordeal....He would sleep a good sleep for the first time in a very long time...

Lost laughs as he walks back into the control room and sits in the pilots chair and falls asleep leaving his sense's open to anything that will startle him or come there way

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