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Marshal Conley everything you need to know

Marshal Conley
2nd year
51 WP
Member of S.I.N.
Is here for VH


Currently Dueling With (2)
  • Saren Schultz
    Born to a pure blood family of London England, Marshal Conley was the jewel in his parentsí eyes. Father Raymond Conley attended Hogwarts as a Gryffindor. He now works as vice-chair on Muggle research at the ministry of magic. Although Due to shortage of staff and wizards wanting to do muggle research he has been forced to do most of the muggle Activity observation himself, traveling around the world over the last few years observing muggles when hey grouped up in large numbers for some reason. Every New Year he was in a different town although Marshal always thought the best town for new years was New York City at times square. Marshals mother, Athena Shipley-Conley another Hogwarts graduate met Raymond at the ministry of magic, when she was assigned to his department. Athena, a Ravenclaw assists Raymond while away doing muggle studies. Athena and her father, Marshals grandfather (also a ravenclaw) Jean-Lu moved to London for a brief period of time while Athena was getting settled in livening on her own, when her and Raymond met. Jean-Lu moved back to France. Athena's Mother an American who gave her name of Athena was killed, while fighting in the resistance against the dark lord. Marshal, while growing up, always wanted to study magic, and at first his parents where okay with this. Marshal would spend hours in his fatherís library; but once he tried a spell he had read in one of the D.A.D.A. books, and the desk chair came alive snapping at anyone that came near it, his father decided that it would be best to keep Marshal from studying or reading anything else other then history books or the daily prophet. That could put a hamper on Marshalís sprits though, he read those history of magic, and Hogwarts: A History, so many times that he could quote from any page you were to pick out. And he studied the daily prophet as well, so that he could know exactly what was going on out in the world of wizards. His uncle on his fathers side was a Slytherin
    ((Celeb is Jonathan Brandis, born in 1979, in he Never ending story, IT, Harts War, Sealab DVS, and several Others.. Died of suicide in 2003.))

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