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Water Spells

Beginner Spells Aqua ball- Summons up a formation of water that's compacted so that when it strikes it has the force of a small boulder being projected. (3 posts) Blizzard- Creates a small snow storm with chunks of ice being hurled towards a target. (3 posts )
Create water- Summons water from the elemental plane of water. (3 posts) Saturate- Using mystical energies to dampen an object in any type of liquid on the object. (3 posts)
Medium Spells Blizzara- Creates a snow storm like effect that projects from the caster towards the target with icicles in the form of spears projecting towards the target. (5 posts) Burning Water- Summoning forth super heated waves that can scold flesh and cause it to peel off. (5 posts)
Control waves- Binds a body of water to the caster through a leyline so that it will do the caster's bidding. (5 posts) Elemental transformation- The caster throws off the form of their present state and transforms into an elemental (5 posts) Freezing Water- Conjuring forth waters with frigid temperatures. Can be formed into a water ball or summoned as a wave to wash over a target. (5 posts)
Healing waters- A spell that allows the caster to create a healing potion of sorts that flows from the caster's hand and into the target. (5 posts) Holy water- Calls upon a blessing from the powers of light to create holy enchanted waters. Can bring great pain to the legions of undead. (5 posts) Icicle- Creates a trail of transparent liquid that then generates icicle spikes within the trail to attack a target. (5 posts)
Poison- Has mystical energies that transform the normal properties of water into any type of liquid poison the caster wishes. (5 posts) Razor waves- Creates a high revolving body of nearly ice like water that can cut through most objects. (5 posts) Summon elemental- Summons a spirit from the elemental plane of water. (5 posts)
Water wall- Conjurs forth a wall of moving waves to protect the caster. (5 posts) Watery prison- Casts a prison of water about a target with a foot of ice like water that slows an entrapped object from moving. The target may drown before reaching the outside of the prison. (5 posts)
Advanced Spells Blizzaga- Creates a snowstorm effect around the area of the caster and threatens to engulf the target in a block of ice while spear like icicles are projected towards it. (7 posts) Glacier- Saturates an area with liquid and multiplies it many fold. The water is then manipulated to engulf the target and immediately freeze up. (7 posts)
Summon Lava- Summons forth a body of lava to attack. (7 posts)

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