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All of the information on this site (that is not my work) has been legaly obtained through use of E-Mail. The work will be labelled with the name of the writer on the document itself, and/or on the Main Page.

Here We Go!

This site you are about to read was created by me, Lee Johnson. If any of the stuff you read on this website was not written by me, it will be clearly labelled. Labelled with either the name of the original writer, or the e-mail address (if he/she allows me to do so).

Anyway, At the moment this site will be all about games for the GameCube.

  1. Walkthroughs.
  2. Cheat Codes.
  3. Secrets/Hints.
  4. Screenshots, New and Old.
  5. And Info.

    If the website is successful, I will add links to different stuff and eventually make the site bigger and better, but at the moment i will keep it kind of simple.

    If you have a game that you need help with - although it would be easier to just visit another site - could you send me an E-Mail stating your name, the name of the game, and what it is you need help with, and I will try to get the information as quick as possible. To send me an E-Mail just simply click on E-Mail button on the left.

    So what do you think of my very first website? Great? Average? Poor? let me know. Send an E-Mail!