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Name: Arcane
Organoid Type: Dragon
Height: 1.4m
Length: 1.5m (including tail)
Weight: 0.2 Tons
Top Speed: 50 km/h (land), Mach 2 (flying)
Weapons: Hardened Alloy Talons and Claws, Tail Flame
Special abilities: Fusion, Evolution, Shading
Special thanks to Zepher Marlia for drawing Arcane above

A young man who goes by the name of Will Waldorf stumbled across this organoid when searching an abandoned cave hidden from civilisation. The cave roof started to collapse but miraculously this organoid saved Wills life or even bought him back to life but Will is still unsure. Unknowingly, Arcane bonded to the Wills' Storm Sworder GST after the cave incident to stay with Will and managed to repair it until after he finally appeared when the sworder landed as a dark energy flew in a parabolic arc infront of Will.

Arcanes body is covered with titanium alloy colored translucent black. Arcanes Talons and claws are silver and his eyes glow a midnight blue. Arcane isn't the biggest of organoids but has great abilities to compensate for his size.


Tail Flame
This is Arcanes main weapon found at the tip of his tail. This flame is usually clear blue and is kept alight in all conditions. When Arcanes emotions get strong (whether it be threatened, scared, angry etc etc) the flame grows stronger to a much bigger and brighter flame, it now turning partially yellow/orange. Arcane will then slam the flame under it's target (if any) and burn them briefly which will allow Arcane to move off and refrain from anymore fighting.

Hardened Alloy Talons and Claws
These are only used when Arcane is protecting something he really likes. These are your standard weapons and is very good for slicing and dicing your opponent up close and personal

Special Abilities

Certainly an interesting special ability. Organoids have the ability to bond with Zoids and Arcane is no exception. When bonded to a zoid, Arcane is able to:
-50% increase in Overall Speed
-50% increase in Overall Power ( Beam Weapons only)
-50% increase in Overall Accuracy
-Minor damage recovered (when already damaged)
-Addition of Core Tracking
You may pre-bond before battle or bond when battling, taking a whole round to bond to your zoid meaning your zoid is unable to do anything that round. If you have the need for more strength in your zoid, then fusion is the key.

Again, like all organoids Arcane has the ability to evolve zoids also. Once having gained 30 EXP it can change a zoids appearance to strengthen it all round. Information about this can be found at MetalMachineMusic-Info-Evolution page

This is a unique ability to Arcane only. When in his normal state you can see his translucent black body. His body is like this for a reason as he is able to go partially invisible and leave nothing showing except a hazy shadow and a vivid flame. Not only does this make it hard to see but also it allows Arcane to walk through tangible objects making it a true stealth 'noid. This is an ability which is used alot when Arcane just feels like getting away or approaching something with caution.