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Arethane and the Underdark are derivative works based in part on the Palladium Fantasy RPG System and uses materials gathered from many sources including AD&D and Palladium Fantasy, as well as those of my own creation, and recognises their trademarks and copywrites. It is considered by the Author of this page as a testement to the fine works available by these companies and is in no means intended for financial gain. This site was created purely for entertainment purposes.

Palladium formally grants Arethane and the Underdark a "limited license" to use Palladium copy-written text and trademarks solely for our own personal use and enjoyment on the net and other on-line services. In addition, Palladium grants Arethane and the Underdark a "limited license" to create works which are derivative of Palladium copy-written text, so long as the resulting "derivative works" are used only on the net and other on-line services, for personal fun, and NOT for financial gain.

Palladium and its agents cannot be responsible for any violation of other people's rights which might be committed while using Palladium products. For example, if someone combines a Palladium product with another creator's product, thereby infringing the copyright of the other creator, Palladium is not responsible. In such a case, it is only fair that the person who commits such a violation is solely responsible for their actions. In addition, the violator is also responsible for any damages that Palladium may suffer because of the violation. Palladium Books can not allow any conversions of Palladium's copywritten works to other systems.

© 1998 By Dave Anhorn
Elven Kingdom of Arethane

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Palladium Books®, Mechanoids® The Mechanoid Invasion®, Rifts®, Megaverse®, RECON®, and After the Bomb®.

unregistered trademarks include:

"Cyber-Knight ™, Coalition States ™, and Triax ™,Nightbane™, Nightlands™, Heroes Unlimited™, Villains Unlimited™, Beyond the Supernatural™, Boxed Nightmares™, Ninjas & Superspies™, Mystic China™, Palladium Fantasy RPG™, Triax™, Mindwerks™, Vampire Kingdoms™, The Juicer Uprising™, Phase World™, Wormwood™, Psyscape™, Mega-Damage™, S.D.C.™, I.S.P.™, P.P.E.™, SAMAS™, Splugorth™, Cyber-Knight™, Glitter Boy™, Juicer™, Mind Melter™, Psi-Stalker™, Coalition States™, Northern Gun™, Erin Tarn™, Naruni™, ... and other names and titles.

by Kevin Siembieda and Palladium Books, Inc.

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