The Gods and Religion

The Pantheons:

Religious Doctrine and Abilities:

For the denizens of the many worlds of the Megaverse, the presence of the gods is very real and very near, especially on the world of Otara, where the gods have taken a very active inteest in the goings on of their Mortal subjects. The worship of gods is everywhere, through worldwide churches, secret sects and tiny cults, in great cathedrals, local temples or hidden shrines, sometimes modestly, with the mumbled prayers of the devout, at other times, grotesquely, with bloody sacrificial ritual. And the gods respond. The priests of the gods show their powers in countless ways.

The only confusion is that of which religion to believe, and of which god(s) to follow. Walk the temple district in a crowded city and you will be drawn a hundred ways, each religion offering a different salvation, and each, some loudly, some in whispers, telling you why their faith is the one true faith.