"...and when the Old Ones, turned, and gathered their power, and were ready to consume all that lived, to drain all living things of their living essence, it was then that Kym-nark-mar did intercede. Although the body of the great dragon was torn, and nearly destroyed, Kym-narkmar held fast, and we live today only because he was willing to die,so that the Old Ones be bound away." —Tristine Chronicles The symbol of wisdom, power and magic, Kym-nark-mar is so associated with these qualities that his name is actually used as one of the Power Words of Force (see Diabolist). From his deific realm, a world all cloaked in pure ice, glittering like an enormous, world-sized, jewel, he contemplates the universe, and the knowledge that he hoards as if it were the greatest of treasures. Kym-nark-mar rarely interferes in the affairs of mortals. Even the needs of the followers of Dragonwright he usually leaves to the other God-Dragons. A direct contact from Kym-nark-mar means that he believes there is something fundamentally wrong, something that likely involves the Old Ones or other alien intelligences in some way. He never asks for or expects sacrifices, but neither does he refuse them when they are given. Real Name: Kym-nark-mar t'Gransk Alignment: Unprincipled (good) Size: 800 feet (243 meters) long, and 260 feet (80 meters) tall Description: A dragon, dark blue in color, with great wings, jade eyes and enormous scales, teeth and claws. There is a constant distortion around him, as magical energy actually ripples off him, so great is it felt in his presence. Attributes: I.Q.: 41, M.E.: 30, M.A.: 30, P.S.: 67, P.P.: 30, P.E.: 30, P.B.: 29, Spd.: 88 (60 mph/96 km) running; 220 (150 mph/241 km) flying. Natural A.R.: 17 Hit Points: 22,500 S.D.C.: 19,500 P.P.E.: 22,000 Horror/Awe Factor: 17 Experience Levels: 22nd level Wizard and 19th level Rune Mage. Natural abilities: Astral travel, dragon's lair, dragon's dimensional travel, dragon's instinctive dimensional magic, impervious to heat, cold, and fire, sense the location of ley lines, sense runes (can sense the lingering presence of a rune, up to eight hours later), sense/recognize enchantment/ magic — 98%, see the invisible, turn invisible, see unlimited distance (so long as there are no obstructions, can see a small object on the moon), nightvision (as if in daylight), speaks/reads/writes all languages (including rune), bio-regeneration 2D6xlOO S.D.C/hit points per minute, breathe without air, alert when sleeping, (cannot be surprised), metamorphosis (any; unlimited duration), teleport 98%, and dimensional teleport 92%. 223 Deific Powers: Kym-nark-mar has the full range of power over his followers, or any followers of Dragonwright, and can perform all prototypical deific powers at regular cost. Magic Powers: All Wizard spells, plus knowledge of wards, power words, etc. As a Rune Mage, Kym-nark-mar can create rune weapons of all kind, but does so very sparingly — Holy Weapons. Psionic Powers: None. Skills of Note: Card Shark 99%. Attacks Per Melee Round: Nine physical or four magic. Special Bonuses (in addition to attribute bonuses): +5 on initiative,+ 2 to strike, +4 to parry and dodge, +12 to pull punch, impervious to horror factor and 99% to charm or impress. Favorite Weapons: None, he rarely needs anything. Armor: None. Alliances & Allies: Works well with Kormath, or with most Gods of Light. Enemies: He still considers the Old Ones to be his primary enemy. Vulnerabilities and Weaknesses: As Kym-nark-mar keeps himself open to all magical energies, as a way of monitoring the universe, he is also vulnerable to magic-based attacks. Technology: It seems insignificant. Rifts® Earth: No doubt he is watching through the eyes of any Dragonwright followers who are already there. M.D.C.: 40,000. Dragon Parts: Any biological piece of Kym-nark-mar is worth millions of gold! In part, this is because the God-Dragon has the ability to recall anything he loses, down to the tiniest scale. However, he will, from time to time, allow some physical aspect of himself to fall into the hands of a follower. The Blood of Kym-nark-mar. When he is cut, his blood comes steaming from the wound, as if a hole were punched in a pressure cooker. The fluid looks a lot like anti-freeze, blue and with a very low viscosity. On any surface, it hisses loudly, and rapidly evaporates away. What is left behind is a clear crystalline substance. Like glass, it is completely transparent, and also razor sharp. This material cannot be broken. Used for its sharpness, it will cut through any natural material as if it were not there (as if the opponent were wearing no armor, but the armor still takes damage). It is said that if Kym-nark-mar's blood was formed into a crystal ball, and charged with the correct magical energy, that it would have the ability to look into other worlds.

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