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Standard Gem Exchange Rate
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Although your character has some impressive abilities and skills, he really isn't going to be effective without the equipment necessary for adventuring. To get this equipment, he needs money. Not only does he need money to outfit himself, but your character also has to cover his living expenses.

Although there are many different types of coins and currencies in the world, all prices and treasures in the palladium rules are given in standard coinage. Your GM may have specific names for different coins and may have different rates of exchange, but this is material particular to his campaign. He will tell you if there are differences from the coins listed here. The standard rate of exchange for each coin is given in the following table:

Standard Exchange Rates
Coinage Base: SilverExchange Rates
Copper Piece (CP)11/51/101/251/501/1001/5001/10001/2000
Tin Piece (TP)511/21/51/101/201/1001/2001/400
Brass Piece (BP)10212/51/51/101/501/1001/200
Bronze Piece (BZP)2552.511/21/41/201/401/80
Steel Piece (STP)50105211/21/101/201/40
Silver Piece (SP)10020104211/51/101/20
Gold Piece (GP)500100502010511/21/4
Platinum Piece (PP)1000200100402010211/2
Mithral Piece (GP)2000400200804020421

Standard Gem Exchange Rates
GemExchange Rates in Silver/Carat
Golden Beryl8
Lapis Lazuli15
Rose Quartz3
Rutilated Quartz3
Smoky Quartz2
Tiger's Eye3

The basic coins are the copper piece (CP) and the silver piece (SP). These form the backbone of the monetary system and are the coins most frequently found in the hands of the common folk.

However, remember that not all wealth is measured by coins. Wealth can take many forms--land, livestock, the right to collect taxes or customs, and jewelry are all measures of wealth. Coins have no guaranteed value. A gold piece can buy a lot in a small village but won't go very far in a large city. This makes other forms of wealth, land for instance, all the more valuable. Indeed, many a piece of jewelry is actually a way of carrying one's wealth. Silver armbands can be traded for goods; a golden brooch can buy a cow, etc. In your adventures, wealth and riches may take many different forms.

Furthermore, in your GM's campaign, there may be special situations or considerations to bear in mind. The Kingdom of Harak may be at war with the neighboring Principality of Kael. Patriotic Vargraadians might refuse Arethane coins (probably because they think the coins are worthless). Practical Arethanians might accept the Vargraadi florin at half normal value. Of course, both groups would send your character to the local money-changer (if there is one), who would cheerfully convert your foreign coins to the local tender. He will, of course, charge a small commission (10-30%) for this service.

Situations such as these can affect the value of any coin. If your characters start flashing about a lot of gold, pumping it into the local economy, merchants will quickly raise prices. As another example, the local lord may commandeer most of the region's horses for his knights, making those left all that much more expensive.
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Starting Money

All player characters begin with some amount of cash. This nest egg may be your character's life savings. It may be a gift from his parents to start him out in the world. It may be his booty from an army campaign. Perhaps he stumbled across a small treasure chest, whetting his appetite for greater and more dangerous prizes. How he came by his money is not important (although it may be fun to know). You are free to create any explanation you want.

To learn your character's starting funds, roll the dice indicated for his group in following Table. This is the number of gold pieces your character has to obtain equipment. If you are creating a character starting out at a level above 1st level, check with the GM to see if you can increase your character's funds beyond the amounts given here. The funds generated from this table are in addition to any gotten through background developement.

Initial Character Funds
Character GroupDie Range
Man of Arms5d4 x 10 SP
Man of Magic4d6+1 x 10 SP
Man of Psionics4d6 x 10 SP
Man of Religion3d6 x 10 SP

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Equipment Lists

The following lists include much of the equipment your character needs for adventuring. The most basic of these are weapons, armor, clothing, and outfitting gear. The other lists provide goods and services your character may need during the course of his many adventures. While most items are always available, your GM may add to or delete from these lists. What you want may not be available or, if your GM has set his game in a specific time period, may not have been discovered or invented yet! While he should tell you which items are and aren't available, you should ask if you have any doubts, particularly on large purchases. Many of the uncommon items in these lists are explained in the following pages.

The price given for each item in the lists is its average price, the amount you can expect the item to cost in a normal economy. However, large cities, barren wildernesses, and places with brave adventurers carrying bags full of gold are not normal economies. In these places you may find yourself paying more (very rarely less) than the amount listed. You can also haggle with merchants over prices, although to speed up the game it's recommended that you save this for your important purchases. If you wind up haggling over the cost of every tankard of ale, your character is going to spend more time being a penny pincher than an adventurer.


Belt3 STP
Boots: Riding3 SP
Boots: Soft1 SP
Breeches2 SP
Cap, hat1 STP
Cloak: Good clothe8 STP
Cloak: Fine fur50 SP
Girdle3 SP
Gloves1 SP
Gown, common12 STP
Hose2 SP
Knife sheath3 CP
Mittens3 STP
Pin6 SP
Plain broach10 SP
Robe: Common9 STP
Robe: Embroidered20 SP
Sandals5 CP
Sash2 STP
Shoes1 SP
Silk jacket80 SP
Surcoat6 STP
Sword scabbard, hanger, baldric4 SP
Tabard 6 STP
Toga, coarse8 CP
Tunic8 STP
Vest6 STP

Quick Reference Table

Daily Food and LodgingCost
Ale (per gallon)2 STP
Banquet (per person)10 SP
Bread5 CP
Cheese4 STP
City rooms (per month): Common20 SP
City rooms (per month): Poor6 STP
Common wine (pitcher)2 STP
Egg or fresh vegetables1 CP
Grain and stabling for horse (daily)5 STP
Honey5 STP
Inn lodging (per day/week): Common5 STP/3 SP
Inn lodging (per day/week): Poor5 CP/2 STP
Meat for one meal1 STP
Meals (per day): Good5 STP
Meals (per day): Common3 STP
Meals (per day): Poor1 STP
Separate latrine for rooms (Per month)2 SP
Small beer (per gallon)5 CP
Soup5 CP

Quick Reference Table

Household ProvisioningCost
Barrel of pickled fish3 SP
Butter (per lb.)2 STP
Coarse sugar (per lb.)1 SP
Dry rations (per week)10 SP
Eggs (per 100)8 STP
Eggs (Per two dozen)2 STP
Figs (per lb.)3 STP
Firewood (per day)1 CP
Herbs (per lb.)5 CP
Nuts (per lb.)1 SP
Raisins (per lb.)2 STP
Rice (per lb.)2 STP
Salt (per lb.)1 STP
Salted herring (per 100)1 SP
Spice Exotic: (per lb.)
(For example, saffron, clove)
15 SP
Spice: Rare (per lb.)
(for example, pepper, ginger)
2 SP
Spice: Uncommon (per lb.)
1 SP
Ton of cider (250 gal.) 8 SP
Ton of good wine (250 gal.)20 SP

Quick Reference Table

Bath3 CP
Clerk (per letter)2 STP
Doctor, leech, or bleeding3 SP
Guide, in city (per day)2 STP
(per night)
Laundry (by load)1 CP
Messenger, in city
(per message)
(per performance)
3 SP
(per funeral)
Teamster w/wagon (per mile)1 STP

Quick Reference Table

Transport Cost
Barge500 SP
Canoe: Small30 SP
Canoe: War50 SP
Caravel10,000 SP
Carriage: Common50 SP
Carriage: Coach, ornamented7,000 SP
Chariot: Riding200 SP
Chariot: War500 SP
Coaster 5,000 SP
Cog 10,000 SP
Curragh 500 SP
Drakkar 25,000 SP
Dromond 15,000 SP
Galleon 50,000 SP
Great galley30,000 SP
Knarr3,000 SP
Long ship10,000 SP
Oar: Common2 SP
Oar: Galley10 SP
Raft or small keelboat100 SP
Sail20 SP
Sedan chair100 SP
Wagon or cart wheel5 SP

Quick Reference Table

Boar10 SP
Bull20 SP
Calf5 SP
Camel50 SP
Capon3 CP
Cat1 STP
Chicken2 CP
Cow10 SP
Dog: Guard25 SP
Dog: Hunting17 SP
Dog: War20 SP
Donkey, mule, or ass8 SP
Elephant: Labor200 SP
Elephant: War500 SP
Falcon (trained)1,000 SP
Goat1 SP
Goose5 CP
Guinea hen2 CP
Horse: Draft200 SP
Horse: Heavy war400 SP
Horse: Light war150 SP
Horse: Medium war225 SP
Horse: Riding75 SP
Hunting cat (jaguar, etc.)5,000 SP
Ox15 SP
Partridge5 CP
Peacock5 STP
Pig3 SP
Pigeon1 CP
Pigeon, homing100 SP
Pony30 SP
Ram4 SP
Sheep2 SP
Songbird10 STP
Swan5 STP

Quick Reference Table

Tack and HarnessCostWeight
Barding: Chain500 SP70 lbs.
Barding: Full plate2,000 SP85 lbs.
Barding: Full scale1,000 SP75 lbs.
Barding: Half brigandine500 SP45 lbs.
Barding: Half padded100 SP25 lbs.
Barding: Half scale500 SP50 lbs.
Barding: Leather or padded150 SP60 lbs.
Bit and bridle15 STP3 lbs.
Cart harness2 SP10 lbs.
Halter 5 CP3 lbs.
Horseshoes & shoeing1 SP10 lbs.
Saddle: Pack5 SP15 lbs.
Saddle: Riding10 SP35 lbs.
Saddle bags: Large4 SP8 lbs.
Saddle bags: Small3 SP5 lbs.
Saddle blanket3 STP4 lbs.
Yoke: Horse5 SP15 lbs.
Yoke: Ox3 SP20 lbs.

Quick Reference Table

Miscellaneous EquipmentCostWeight
Backpack2 SP2 lbs.
Barrel, small2 SP30 lbs.
Basket: Large3 STP1 lbs.
Basket: Small5 CP1/2 lbs.
Bell1 SP1/16 lbs.
Belt pouch: Large1 SP1 lbs.
Belt pouch: Small7 STP1/2 lbs.
Block and tackle5 SP5 lbs.
Bolt case1 SP1 lbs.
Bucket5 STP3 lbs.
Chain: Heavy(per ft.)4 SP3 lbs.
Chain: Light(per ft.)3 SP1 lbs.
Chest: Large2 SP25 lbs.
Chest: Small1 SP10 lbs.
Cloth: Common (per 10 sq. yards.)7 SP10 lbs.
Cloth: Fine (per 10 sq. yards.)50 SP10 lbs.
Cloth: Rich (per 10 sq. yards.)100 SP10 lbs.
Candle1 CPN/A
Canvas (per sq. yard)4 STP1 lbs.
Chalk1 CPN/A
Crampons4 SP2 lbs.
Fishhook1 STPN/A
Fishing net, 10 ft. sq.4 SP5 lbs.
Flint and steel5 STP1/8 lbs.
Glass bottle10 SP1/16 lbs.
Grappling hook8 STP4 lbs.
Holy item (symbol, water, etc.)25 SP1/4 lbs.
Hourglass25 SP1 lbs.
Iron pot5 STP2 lbs.
Ladder, 10 ft.5 CP20 lbs.
Lantern: Beacon150 SP50 lbs.
Lantern: Bulls eye12 SP3 lbs.
Lantern: Hooded 7 SP2 lbs.
Lock: Good100 SP1 lbs.
Lock: Poor20 SP1 lbs.
Magnifying glass100 SPN/A
Map or scroll case8 STP1/2 lbs.
Merchants scale2 SP1 lbs.
Mirror, small metal10 SPN/A
Musical instrument5-100 SP1/2-3 lbs.
Oil: Greek fire (per flask)10 SP2 lbs.
Oil: Lamp (per flask)6 CP1 lbs.
Paper (per sheet)2 SPN/A
Papyrus (per sheet)8 STPN/A
Parchment (per sheet)1 SPN/A
Perfume (per vial)5 SPN/A
Piton3 CP1/2 lbs.
Quiver8 STP1 lbs.
Rope: Hemp (per 50 ft.)1 SP 20 lbs.
Rope: Silk (per 50 ft.)10 SP 8 lbs.
Sack: Large2 STP1/2 lbs.
Sack: Small5 CP1/4 lbs
Sealing/candle wax (per lb.)1 SP1 lbs.
Sewing needle5 STPN/A
Signal whistles8 STPN/A
Signet ring or personal seal5 SPN/A
Soap (per lb.)5 STP1 lbs.
Spyglass1,000 SP1 lbs.
Tent: Large25 SP20 lbs.
Tent: Pavilion100 SP50 lbs.
Tent: Small5 SP10 lbs.
Thieves' picks30 SP1 lbs.
Torch1 CP1 lbs.
Water clock1,000 SP200 lbs.
Whetstone2 CP1 lbs.
Wineskin8 STP1 lbs.
Winter blanket5 STP3 lbs.
Writing ink (per vial)8 SPN/A

Quick Reference Table

Banded mail200 SP35 lbs.
Brigandine120 SP35 lbs.
Bronze plate mail400 SP45 lbs.
Chain mail75 SP40 lbs.
Field plate2000 SP60 lbs.
Full plate4,000-10,000 SP70 lbs.
Helmet: Great helm30 SP10 lbs.
Helmet: Basinet8 SP5 lbs.
Hide15 SP30 lbs.
Leather5 SP15 lbs.
Padded4 SP10 lbs.
Plate mail600 SP50 lbs.
Ring mail100 SP30 lbs.
Scale mail120 SP40 lbs.
Shield: Body10 SP15 lbs.
Shield: Buckler1 SP3 lbs.
Shield: Medium7 SP10 lbs.
Shield: Small3 SP5 lbs.
Splint mail80 SP40 lbs.
Studded leather20 SP25 lbs.

Quick Reference Table

WeaponsCost Weight(lbs.)Damage
Battle axe5 SP71D8
Blowgun5 SP2See Dart Type
Barbed Dart1 STP1/81D4
Needle2 CP1/1001D4
Composite long bow100 SP3See Arrow Type
Composite short bow75 SP2See Arrow Type
Flight arrow3 stp/121/251D6
Long bow75 SP3See Arrow Type
Sheaf arrow3 stp/61/252D6
Short bow30 SP2See Arrow Type
Hand crossbow300 SP3See Quarrel Type
Hand quarrel1 SP1/251d4
Heavy quarrel2 STP1/201d6
Heavy crossbow50 SP14See Quarrel Type
Light quarrel1 STP1/251d4
Light crossbow35 SP7See Quarrel Type
Dagger or dirk2 SP11D6
Dart5 STP1/21d3
Footmen flail15 SP152d4
Footman's mace8 SP101d6
Footmen pick8 SP62d4
Hand or throwing axe1 SP51d6
Harpoon20 SP62d6
Horsemen flail8 SP51d4+1
Horseman's mace5 SP61d6
Horsemen pick7 SP41d4+1
Javelin5 STP21d6
Knife5 STP1/21D4
Heavy horse lance15 SP153d6
Light horse lance6 SP51d8
Jousting lance20 SP201D6
Medium horse lance10 SP102d6
Man catcher30 SP80
Morning star10 SP122d4
Awl pike5 SP121d12
Bardiche7 SP122d6
Bec de Corbin8 SP101d8
Bill-guisarme7 SP151d10
Fauchard5 SP71d8
Fauchard-fork8 SP91d10
Glaive6 SP81d10
Glaive-guisarme10 SP102d6
Guisarme5 SP81d8
Guisarme-voulge8 SP152d4
Halberd10 SP152d6
Hook fauchard10 SP81d4
Lucern hammer7 SP152d4
Military fork5 SP72d4
Partisan10 SP81d6+2
Ranseur6 SP72d4
Spetum5 SP72d6
Voulge5 SP122d4
Quarterstaff5 SP41d6
Scourge1 SP21d4
Sickle6 STP31d4
Sling5 CP1/100See Ammo Type
Sling bullet1 CP1/21d6
Sling stone1 CP1/21d4
Spear8 STP51d8
Staff sling2 STP2See Ammo Type
Bastard sword25 SP102D6
Broad sword10 SP42d4
Long sword15 SP41d12
Scimitar15 SP41d8
Short sword10 SP31d8
Two-hand. Sword50 SP153d6
Trident15 SP53d4
War hammer2 SP62D6
Whip1 STP21D4

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