The Elven Dictionary

For the Elven/English dictionary Click here The Elven Alphabet
a ~Arth,Arthu b ~ Brin
c ~ Curu d ~ Dae,Da
e ~ Elda,Eld f ~ For
g ~ Gil h ~ Hur
i ~ Ista j ~ Jem
k ~ Karn,Kar l ~ Lin
m ~ Mir n ~ Nar
o ~ Os p ~ Per
q ~ Quendi r ~ Ren
s ~ Star t ~ Tir
u ~ Uthu v ~ Val
w ~ Win x ~ Xava
y ~ Yis z ~ Zeth

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Elven Runes

Rune Elven Alphabet Common Alphbet Meaning
Aul'El That Which Cannot be Known or Comprehended.
Asur The Eternal Flame, Symbol of Rebirth and Lordship.
Arhain Stealth, Secrets, Shadows, Dark of Night
Ar'Hain Agility, Shelter, The Quick Painless Death
Auyl'Isha Tears of the Earth Mother, Sorrow, Mercy, Mourning for Lost Children.
Ca'Daith Grace, Power, Music of the Stars.
Cala'Dai Symbol of the Line of Kings, the Dragon's Flame
Caladim Divinity, Fiat, Pride, Hubris
Ceyl Law, Order, Justice, Passion, Sword that Draws Blood.
Cha'Roi Strength, Ferocity, Mane of Hair.
Cynath Winter, Chill, Death, Hibernation, Seed.
Cy'Nath Silence, loneliness.
Darath The Endless War, Siege, Tactics, Surrender.
Da'Roir Remembrance, Memory, the Strength of Stones.
Eli'Cirus Ending or Denial, Mark of Elic
Hara'Thoi Youth, Boundless Energy, Jealousy.
La'Coi Might, Glory, Fear of Death.
Le'Cai Light, Nobility of the Soul, Lightness of Being.
Men'Lui Water, like, majesty, weakness, torrential rain and thunder in distant mountains.
Mi'Naith Skill in Arms, Spirituality, the Lost Way
Orio'Ur Blood, Birth
Piluth Foundation, Security, Probability, Mathematics.
Qaba Hidden Knowledge, That Which is to be Revealed.
Sara'Thai The Rune of the World Dragon, Defiance, Unyielding
Sariou The Moon, Magic, Fortune, Evil Deeds, The Destructive Force of Nature.
Sa'Roir Eternity, Infinity, the Flame of Love that Burns all it Touches, Fire, Heat.
Sen'Lui Swiftness, Accuracy.
Sen'Thoi Unity, Loyalty Broken Promise
Se'Thai Flight, Wind, Cry in the Far Mountains
Sol The Sun, The Ever Seeing Eye, Consciousness
Tha'Lui Hatred or Vengeance
Thanan Hidden, Power, Inner Strength, Indecisiveness
Uri'Thair Destruction, Conquest, Sacrifice of Innocence.
Yen'Lui Balance, Harmony, Chaos.

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