The Elven Kingdom of Ačrithačnč

Kingdom Heraldry

Description:The Island kingdom of the elves, Ačrithačnč is in fact, made up of several islands which form it's Ten Duchies and Five Principalities. Located east of the Laridian Continental mainland, it consists of mostly forests of Mallorn Trees, as well as Oak, Birch, Willow, Maple and Pine. Ačrithačnč is a land where the weather and climate are less variable then would normally be found in other realms. This is do in part to the magic nature of the Elven lands. In the summer months the temperatures during the day are usually within the mid 70's to low 80's. The spring and fall usually the mid 60's to low 70's. and Winters seldom colder than the mid 30's (all temperatures are in fahrenhiet). Precipitation all year comes in the form of brief, soft cleansing rains, most frequently in the early evening or just before dawn. Snow is rare and severe storms unknown.

  • Population: 7.3 million (85% Elven, 10% Fae, 5% other). Although predominantly Elven, there are many Races living within Ačrithačnč's islands and the people enjoy peaceful and fruitful lives.
  • Capital: Teradryn, located in the Duchy of Teirvaneth and serves as both the capital of the Kingdom and of the Duchy.
  • Ruler: Rhysanus Arěquis
    • Title: Valishar
  • Languages: Elven and Common
  • Coinage: The basic coins are the copper piece (CP) and the silver piece (SP). These form the backbone of the monetary system and are the coins most frequently found in the hands of the common folk.
  • Government Type: Semi-Ecclesiocratic Monarchy
  • Primary Industries: Weapons and Equipment (Bows, Swords, Armour and other such items both Magical and non Magical), Special Magical Alloys of Metal, Wool, Silk, Ships, Wine and other Spirits, Magic Ability and Knowledge.
  • Military:
    • Standing Military: Approximately .4 million comprised of Guard, Army, Navy, and Special Forces.
    • Reserve Military: Approximately 1.6 million comprised of Guard, Army, Navy, and Special Forces.
  • Allies: Ačrithačnč is at peace with most of it's neighbours and tries to keep the kingdoms of the mainland as allies. It's main ally is the Kingdom of Rhyanne
  • Enemies: Kingdom of Harak.
  • Gods: Pantheon of the Seldarine, Church of Dragonwright, Church of Thoth.

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Principalities and Duchies

Duchy of Teirvaneth

Duchy of Retheme

Duchy of Kanday

Duchy of Atlan`ysse

Duchy of Eavermysst

Duchy of Ithildin

Duchy of Winterspear

Duchy of Quathentear

Duchy of Thurraeln

Duchy of Erathia

Principality of Lorien

Principality of Jordaine

Principality of Laemurae

Principality of Aevermaeth

Principality of Falanore