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The Violence Department


You were fortunate enough to find your way to the most bloody and violent section of this market. Stay a while and soak up all that your manager, Mystic Kind Masamune, has to offer. Check back often for updates with pictures, gifs, and any other sick and twisted humor I decide to cook up.

The Violence Department is dedicated to being YOUR source for Violence here at K-MART. So kick back and enjoy what the department has to offer.

I guess this isn't a grand opening. Consider this a sneak peak for all the wonderful things your going to see here. !sneakpeak!

Here in the Violence Department, we have gotten word that our joint chief of weapons, The White Dagger, has confirmed that they are open! Why not shoot over to our weapons department and check out their selection while I continue to restock our shelves with bloody good fun! Weapons Dept

After you're done viewing all there is, you can return to Kwaiimart (K-Mart) Using this handy link we offer, free of charge! Thank you for visiting the violence department, and be sure to stop back again soon!

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