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Archived Log

This site used to be a gaming site, a poor one at that, I spent alot of time to accomplish nothing, no fans no fame, so now I know I wont get it and am gonna just play with a site. But here is the beginning of Vadrs gaming world.

10/08/01 - The page is up but I need more space to setup more downloads. If anyone out there knows of a good free host with plenty of space please let me know.

10/10/01 - Today I start the Blizzard Info Page. The best computer gaming company out there.

10/24/01 - I finally debuged the blzzard page and got it running on the net. It still needs alot of work, only the starcraft section is up.

10/25/01 - I have upgraded my site to using frames, it is much easier to browse now.

11/27/01 - Took a long break but now I am back and the site will go forward. I have started to Work on the Diablo and Diablo 2 pages and am making progress.

12/05/01 - The Diablo Page is finally done and now I need to update my Mod-Chip Page. It should be done by the end of the week.

12/10/01 - I now have the Diablo 2 page up and running with links to Planet Diablo.

12/12/01 - My burn page is going well and I am compiling more data as fast as I can. Thank you to every one who visits my site, you keep it going.

12/22/01 - Happy Holidays, I will do very little work on this until after new years. SO Merry Christmas And Happy new years to everyone who reads this.

1/8/01 - Hello, I am back. It will be slow but I will get more info and things on my site.

4/4/02 - It's been awhile sorry for the Stop, I lost intrest. Now I'm back though so it won't be long before I get things on the ball and improved.

4/21/02 - I cut back the Blizzard page, WarCraft is to much of a pain and with all the delay on WarCraft III it has me bummed out.

4/24/02 - Tests are evil, teachers are evil, the ACT is an evil thing. My sorrow and pity go out to all of the High School Juniors who had to take the ACT today(Myself included). As for teachers they keep me from making this site better(EVIL).

5/18/02 - I have been discouraged and slowed down but never fail, I will return!