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Editors Dialogue

5/27/10 (3:06 PM) - Holy crap, I can't believe I found out how to log back in!
5/26/06 (11:13 AM) - a new post!
1/15/05 (3:27 AM) - wow, I had my first half week of classes. they really are time consuming, but hey that is my carreer right now. Anyways, I am still playing with this site when the chances occur.

1/10/05 (12:11 AM) - Well, I am getting ready to start a new semester at MINES so we will see what happens to this site lol.

1/6/05 (12:35 AM) - The Art page is now up, I did all the art of course. I am just trying to play around with my HTML and see if i can learn some while I am at it. If anyone reads this and has some ideas for my site please IM me or email me. my AIM is MIGOLEM.

1/5/05 (10:20 PM) - Well I think this is a good start, I took out all the gaming pages, added some current activities, pic of E, and then my blog. HTML is easy to remember even after years. I am glad I found a new project for me. I think that i am gonna put all my art here too so I have everything in one spot.

1/5/05 (10:15 AM) - Damn, long time no see, I have never updated this site. Well, it is no longer a gaming site but just something I will play with if I feel the need to inform the world of my existance and hobbies. It may come across, games, movies, fine arts of indulgence, me, blogs, friends who knows. Anyways, anyone who fumbles upon it will see it lol. So here begins a new site x the odd log it is here but will be archived.