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The games I am playing currently

These games are the ones I find notable that i am playing right now. As I completer them I will make an Archive that contains all of them.

New Aquirements

Well, I know some of these are old school now, but today I got Morrowwind for X-box, Rouge Squad III, and Front Mission 4. :) so these will soone be up here soon as I beat a couple of the others I am playing with.

Halo II

I am playing this game and played it way to much when it came out, 100+hrs in one and a half weeks. It is about the future of man kind, and one type of warrior called a Sparten. This warrior is a cyborg deemed 'Master Chief'. He is going up against an Alien Relious Group called 'the Covenant'. These aliens see a group of rings, "Halo's" as religious relics that will spread a divine wind throughout the galaxy, in reality these rings kill all sentient life within 25000 light years.
Well, I ended up whooping ass in this game not only in the single player mode but also the aggresive multiplayer version online. I am gamertag PME508 and a level 9 Rumble Pit specialist, I now use a controller that is made by Radica the FPS Master Controller. It is the best thing since God gave me Pedro, but Pedro is still numero uno, ichi, and one!

Star Wars: Battlefronts

This game I have been obsessing with for about three weeks is really quite simple. You can play all of the classic Star Wars Battles and many extras as one of four sides. The Empire, Rebels, CIS(Droids), and the Republic(Clone Warriors). You are on the battle field where there are between 200 - 250 warriors battling it out. It is great fun and addictive.

Legaia II:Dual Saga

Well, this is an RPG (My Favorites). It is about a boy who lives in a small village. He is special(typical). He has a sleeping power he does not know about. He dicovers these when he heads out to take on a villan who stole his villages sacred and life giving stone.
You play in random battles, with three characters at a time. Choosing from 6 characters total. Definitly a game I recommend to all RPG fans.