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Current E Activities

May 2006 has been along time again. I seem to come here rarely and put up a post. well, I think I will continue to do these postes slowly but surely. much time has passed, I finished that school year from my last post, then went to the carribean for a 3 week class(drank 13 bottles of liquor). Came back and left imeadiatly for work in Montana. I worked there all summer in yellowstone(Cooke City and Gardiner) then in Glaicer living in Kalispel. finished another year of school and am now working for a large construction company Kiewit Western. well that is it for now I write later.

January 2005
Well, I have been upto alot since I last touched this site. I last played with this my 10th grade year in high school. I finished 3rd in my class at JA Charter School, Got Accepted to The Colorado School of Mines, made it through one and half years there so far. But that is just academically, I have gone through lots of Computer, had and lost a girl friend, been on many medications and lived through them. Physically I am about 5" taller and 30 lbs heavier. But that is how life progresses. Anyways what am I doing lately?

Well, I have been very busy in school and am about to go back, so I am hoping that i get time to work on my site. I have been playing quite a few video games, and believe it or not one of them is all exercise. That would be DDR(Dance Dance Revolution). Then there are the lazy ones: Halo II, Star Wars Battlefronts, Legaia II, Chrono Trigger, and of course I play Final Fantasy off and on till the day I die. Outside video games I have been reading the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Drawing, and trying to catch up with old friends.

School starts again in one week from today, that means back to the books, the floormates, and of course the fun. So I hope to keep you updated.

This was last updated on January 5, 2005. If you are interested in talking to E, email him at