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In our minds their exists a lifetime of wisdom and memories. These thoughts are sometimes channeled into a being we make up, and used to express our own inner feelings. This is called role playing, and in this world of fantasy, almost anything can happen, and probably will. Are you prepared to venture further into this journey?

Tyran has always been a land of mystery and wonder; whether it be light, neutrality, or darkness. Once you enter this world, you will have a part of it with you for all time. Some return to start anew their old lives, while others newer to the land try to find their place. No matter if you are Old or New... welcome to our home.

Morning and evening you are able to see beautiful skies of every color, as a light mist surrounds you; lulling you into a false sense of comfort and safety. What you don't happen to see right away, is that in every shadow lurks evil just waiting to take you up in it's embrace.

Passing through the large gates into a town that takes you down a cobblestone road, you notice that people of all races and classes roam this area. Perhaps this is the main city of the land... or is there another attraction drawing them in you wonder. A little further and the tavern comes into view.

Doors large enough for orcs to pass through, and windows filled with flowers, candles to light a travelers way in, and curtains tied to each side. The tavern often is mistaken for a castle due to it's immense size; and for good reason, harboring rooms to sleep in, a kitchen, a bar, a lounge, an arena and more.

Good and evil alike come to this tavern to relax, or entertain themselves. Have you come to play as well?

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