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My Home Page

Welcome to Totchi's Roleplay Character page. If you are here you were either given the link by Totchi, saw it on her neopets userlookup, or are just curious and somehow ended up here. Now, on this page you will find a list of some of my roleplay characters and their descriptions. Not all of them are on here, and I doubt all of them will ever end up here, but the majority will. Well, remember if you want me to roleplay as a cirtin character, just tell me their name and I will.


Miscellaneous Characters

Daichi Tatsuko- Daichi (pronounced Die-chEE) is a boy of the age 17. He has black eyes, and dark black hair that appears a dark blue colour most of the time. His hair hangs down to about his chin, usally in natural, think, flat spikes. He stands about 5'9, but appears taller at times because of the shoes that he wears. Daichi attends a nearby prep school after school, because it helps him stay out of his house more. He lives with his mother, who is never home even though she doesnt work, for she lives off the child-support money that his younger sisters' father gives them. He also lives with his little sister, Michiko (pronounced Me-cheek-oh), who he graciously calls MiMi-chan (Me-Me-chann), to show her Japanese heritage. He himself is a quarter Japanese, but it doesnt show very much in his facial features of skin tone. Those he has more from his German heritage, which is very noticable from his slight German accent, which is laced together with his American one.