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Dark Future

My Dark Future gear

Dark Future is the boardgame of highway warriors. It is set in the future as the name indicates, and involves high powering cars and bikes. There are 2 sides in this game; The Bounty Hunters, sanctioned Operatives, who are a new breed of law enforcement, equipped with the fastes cars and the deadliest weapons. And the Marauding Outlaw Gang, desperados, criminals and rebels of a dark new world; their bikes and cars are like their drivers, tough, rugged and uncompromising. The game comes with detailed clip together cars and bikes with a deadly array of interchangable hi-tech weaponry. Heavy lasers and machineguns, grenade launchers and missile pods. The vehicles in Dark Future is the last word in high performance combat fought out on the vast and deserted highways of North America in the future.As a sanctioned Operative youŽll find yourself at the wheel of a sleek and stylish G-Mek Interceptor with sophisticated control systems. As an Outlaw youŽll lead the pack of highly maneuvrable bikes, and reliable, no-nonesense Renegades. Your battlegrounds are the blasted highways of Americas wastelands, created by colourful playing boards with limitless configurations. Dark Future captures the feel of real driving. In this fast-paced game only your skill can stop your gleaming two ton death machine turning into a blazing turbo-charged coffin. Whether it is a furious dogfight, a cunning pursuit, or a lethal head on intercept, no two games are ever the same. ***Games Workshop stopped the production of this game many many years ago. It is impossible to buy anywhere. Try E-bay and other suchs places for a slim-to-none chance. If you want to try it one day. Drop by and weŽll play a session. Oh, and for the record; No, I am not interested in selling this game at any price so stop asking :-)

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