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Terrestia - The Path of Redemption

Is Redemption possible in TERRESTIA? Probably not in terms of rising to some higher glory - but there are those who seek to fight their condemnation by taking up arms against evil.

Battling SHADOWMANCERS, champions of DAEMON's and evil in all it's forms - this is not a role that many denizens of TERRESTIA are inclined to take up. Those that do are a hardened, volatile people, often driven by revenge or other not-quite-noble qualities.

Such champions enjoy a very unlikely patron. A Goddess 'NEFARIA', worshipped by many as a benevolent figure, sometimes bestows Paladin or Cleric status upon those who oppose the DAEMON LORDS. However such men and women are rarely paragons of virtue and consider such a calling merely a justification of their harsh tactics.

The Goddess NEFARIA herself is not what she seems and although many suppose her to be the creator figure, she is merely the Forth of the DAEMON LORDS. Seeking some diversion in her exile, she has set herself at war with her Daemonic cousins.

Naturally she keeps this little detail to herself...